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We inspire Canadian youth from all backgrounds to discover the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of Canada. We find creative ways to inspire a love of nature and culture as we present some of the coolest Parks Canada projects. By linking networks, creating digital content and using social media platforms, we ensure you get the best of Parks Canada!

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What do the last Youth Ambassadors have to say about the job?

“Becoming a Youth Ambassador for Parks Canada was an incredible decision for me, both personally and professionally. When I first joined the team, what struck me the most was the passion that was present. The whole team is dedicated to young people and ensuring that they are committed, that they are educated, that they marvel at our national parks and historic sites and that they are motivated to protect our country so that it will be a beautiful country for a long time to come. During your adventure with Parks Canada, you will have the chance to meet dedicated people, live extraordinary experiences and receive training that exceeds expectations!”
- Catherine Gingras
“Becoming a Parks Canada Youth Ambassador has been one of the biggest privileges I have obtained in my youth! It has given me the opportunity to truly embrace my passions for the outdoors and dig deeper into the rich history of Canada. Having the resources and a team to help me bring creative projects to fruition has been a dream come true. Working with individuals from around Canada who are passionate about conservation, youth engagement and the well being of our Parks has been truly inspiring!
As it is said, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with a team; this is truly the heart of the Youth Ambassador program at Parks Canada. Networking, collaborating, and making impactful change within Parks Canada is just the tip of the iceberg of what this program has to offer.”
- Fawn Logan-Young
“This job was an eye-opening opportunity. It made me understand youth engagement at a deeper level, which is so needed in parks and green spaces! It gave me incredible opportunities to connect with thousands of youth across Canada and share different conservation messages. You can see the change and impact you have on youth directly.
Having a job like this will make you want to stay with Parks Canada...FOR A LONG TIME! So make sure to apply and start your journey to change!”
- Mahnoor Hussain

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