Georges Island National Historic Site

Georges Island is located in Halifax Harbour. Follow the trail and explore the tunnels to discover the importance of this small island and its fortifications in the defence of Canada, the development of Nova Scotia, as part of the Halifax Defence Complex, and as an Acadian internment camp and a prison.

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Perfect picnic

Pick up a ready-made picnic and let nature design your dining space. "Bon appétit!"

Tunnel tours

Discover the underground complex beneath Fort Charlotte on Georges Island.

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How to get here

Travel to the island on the ferry to Georges Island with Ambassatours Gray Line in Halifax, or by private boat, canoe, or kayak.

Visiting Georges Island National Historic Site

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Shop and reserve

Reserve tickets for the ferry to Georges Island with Ambassatours Gray Line. Souvenirs are available at the Halifax Citadel.


Visitor fees, passes, programs, film and photography permits. Free admission for youth.

Safety and guidelines

Important bulletins, weather, seasonal safety, visitor guidelines.

About Georges Island National Historic Site

Culture and history

History, architecture, Halifax Defence Complex.

Stewardship and management

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