Culture and history

Historic designations

Persons, places and events that illustrate defining moments in Canada’s history.

Heritage buildings

Search the directory, and learn more about the conservation of historic places.

Indigenous connections

Working with Indigenous partners and communities to protect special places and share their stories.

Archaeology at Parks Canada

Understanding and protecting human history.

Historic anniversaries

People and events that have shaped Canada’s history.

World Heritage sites in Canada

Sharing our outstanding natural and cultural heritage with the world.

Canadian Heritage Rivers System

Raising awareness and promoting stewardship of rivers.

Canadian Register of Historic Places

A single source of information about historic places in Canada.

Heritage Gourmet

A culinary journey through Canada’s history. Over 60 recipes submitted by Parks Canada staff.

Changes to Canada’s historic places

Bill C-23: Historic Places of Canada Act, a legislative project to ensure the continued stewardship of historic places in Canada

Review of national historic designations

Some historic designations include dated or insensitive content that does not reflect what is known or important to say about the country's history today. Parks Canada maintains a list of designations that are being prioritized for review.

See the list of designations currently under review

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