National historic sites

Protecting, understanding and appreciating Canadian history.

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About national historic sites

There are 1004 national historic sites in Canada, located in every Canadian province and territory. 171 of these are administered by Parks Canada.

National historic sites can be found in almost any setting, from rural and urban to wilderness; they may be sacred spaces, archaeological sites, battlefields, heritage houses, historic districts, places of scientific discovery, and much more.

These sites allow us to learn more about Canadian history, including the diverse cultural communities who make up Canada, and the history and culture of Indigenous peoples.

National Historic Sites System Plan

Sharing the stories of Canada’s history through diverse, wide-ranging and sometimes complex perspectives.

National historic designations

Places, persons and events that illustrate defining moments in Canada’s history.

Culture and history

World heritage sites, Indigenous connections, heritage buildings, and more.

Historic canals and waterways

Launch your own adventure along Canada's original highways.

Changes to Canada’s historic places

A legislative project to ensure the continued stewardship of historic places in Canada

Cultural resource management

The new draft Cultural Resource Management Policy is open for public input.

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