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Georges Island National Historic Site

Discover how this small island and its fortifications impacted the development of Nova Scotia and the defence of Canada. Take the ferry to Georges Island with Ambassatours Gray Line or arrive by private vessel. Hike the trail from the docks to Fort Charlotte and join a guided tour of the underground tunnels.

Tunnel tours

Discover the underground complex beneath Fort Charlotte on Georges Island.

Visitors approach costumed interpreters carrying artillery.

Self-guided tour

Explore the island and discover its complex story.

Visitor eating a lobster roll and chips.

Perfect picnic

Pick up a ready-made picnic and let nature design your dining space. "Bon appétit!"

Visitor enjoying the view from the red chairs.

Red chairs

Find your red chair moment on Georges Island!

Discover the fascinating history of Georges Island! | Parks Canada


Animated Parks Canada logo.

Georges Island National Historic Site, Halifax, Nova Scotia. [The Ferry to Georges Island, the Kawartha Spirit, approaches Georges Island in Halifax Harbour.]

[Three visitors look out at Georges Island from the Kawartha Spirit.]

[The visitors walk up the wharf onto Georges Island.]

[The visitors point at an interpretative panel that has a vertical glass panel.]

[The visitors sit in Parks Canada red chairs on Georges Island.]

[The visitors cross a drawbridge into Fort Charlotte.]

[The visitors walk between stone walls, into the tunnel system.]

[A tour guide in Second World War uniform gives the visitors a tour of the Georges Island tunnels.]

[The guide talks to the visitors outside of the tunnels.]

[The visitors enjoy a picnic lunch on the island.]

[A visitor takes a photo of the Halifax Harbour from Georges Island. Fade to black.]

Parks Canada logo.

Animated Canada wordmark.

[Government of Canada chime]

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