Georges Island Trail

Georges Island National Historic Site

Follow the Georges Island Trail from the dock up to Fort Charlotte and enjoy great views of Halifax. Some sections of the trail are steep. The trail slope ranges from flat ground to a 12% slope.

440 m (return)
Moderate (Parks Canada trail rating guide)
20 m
  • Ranges from flat ground to 12% slope
  • Natural surface: uneven ground, made of firm grass and gravel
  • Stairs
  • Significant features:
    Great views of Halifax
    Boat Dock  Boat Dock

    Picnic  Picnic

    Lookout  Lookout


    This map shows the Georges Island Trail 

    This map shows the Georges Island Trail divided into sections according to slope. Some sections of the trail are steep. The map shows the slope of the ground by colour: red indicates a slope of 11-12%, yellow indicates a slope of 8-10%, blue indicates a slope of 2%, and white indicates the trail is flat (no slope).


    Trail slope

    11-12% slope 11-12%

    8-10% slope 8-10%

    2% slope 2%

    No slope No slope

    Boat Dock Boat Dock

    Shore launch Shore Launch

    Water Transportation Water Transportation

    Toilet Toilet

    Stairs Stairs 

    Picnic Picnic

    Trail section descriptions

    Section Slope Width Number of stairs
    Gangway from the floating dock to the wharf Varies from 10% at high tide to 27% at low tide 5'6" inside the railings (1.676 metres)  
    Section A 12%  3 m 2 (to the washroom)
    Section B 10%  2 m
    Section C 2%  2 m
    Section D 11%  2 m
    Section E 10%  1 m 8
    Section F 0%  1 m 20 to 23
    Section G 8%  1 m 9
    Section H 0%  1 m


    Visitors disembarking at the floating dock; the gangway is in the background.
    Visitors disembarking at the floating dock
    Section A – The trail changes from gravel to firm grass with a 12% slope.
    Section A
    Section B – The trail continues on firm grass with a 10% slope.
    Section B
    Section C – The trail reaches the top of Georges Island with a 2% slope on firm grass.
    Section C
    D – The bridge at the entrance to Fort Charlotte.
    Section D
    E – The trail continues inside Fort charlotte with a 10% slope on firm grass.
    Section E
    F – The trail leads through tunnels with 20 to 23 stairs.
    Section F
    G – Trail continues inside Fort Charlotte with an 8% slope on firm grass.
    Section G

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