Facilities and services

Georges Island National Historic Site

Facilities and services available at Georges Island National Historic Site include a wharf, beach, compostable toilets, fort, grassy trail from the wharf to Fort Charlotte, underground tunnels, and incredible views of Halifax.

Ferry to Georges Island
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Vessel accessibility

Ambassatours Gray Line will make every effort to ensure ramps and mobility friendly transitions are available during the embarkation and disembarkation process.

Visitors with specific questions or concerns about mobility are invited to call Ambassatours Gray Line at 902-420-1015.

Docking at the wharf
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Marina Inquiries

Marina Office at marina@developns.ca or 902-229-2628.

Hours of operation

Visitation is permitted ONLY during specified hours of operation.

Visitors may dock with complimentary daytime berthing during Parks Canada hours of operation only, subject to availability.

Please see signage at the wharf regarding available areas.

Overnight berthing is not permitted.

Daytime berthing is available through Develop Nova Scotia's marine program.

Where to dock

Private motorized vessels should dock in the designated areas of the wharf.

Canoes or kayaks should dock along the shore line to the west of the wharf in the designated area.

Please see the map or signage at the wharf regarding available areas.


Parks Canada admission fees apply.

If arriving by private boat, canoe, kayak or other commercial operator, please proceed to the Parks Canada Information Kiosk to pay admission or show your Parks Canada Discovery Pass.


The width of the gangway is 1.68 metres or 5’6” inside the railings.

The slope of the gangway from the floating dock to the wharf varies from 10% at high tide to 27% at low tide.

The gangways is aluminum with a textured surface for grip.

The wharf surface is flat and made of wood.

The ramp from the wharf to the island has a 5% slope.

Georges Island wharf
The wharf
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General information

Located near the wharf.


Compostable toilets.

Hand sanitizer is provided. There is no running water on the island.


Path from trail to washrooms has a 1% slope.

Path and ground around the washrooms is crusher dust.

There is a step up to the washrooms that is 2 inches high.

Doorway width is 36 inches.

Doors open out.

Washrooms at Georges Island
The washrooms
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There is one trail on Georges Island, from the wharf to Fort Charlotte.

The trail is about 220 metres long.

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The slope of the trail ranges from flat ground to a 12% slope.

The trail width ranges from 1 metre to 3 metres.

The trail is uneven and made of firm grass and gravel.

There are no benches along the trail/path.

Fort Charlotte and the tunnels
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Width of gate entrance is 74 inches.

Surface of parade square is uneven. Ground is grass and gravel with a very small slope.

Fall hazards exist in and around Fort Charlotte.

The gate entrance to Fort Charlotte is 74 inches wide

Average tunnel width is 4 feet. Brick arches narrow the passageways to 3 feet 2 inches.

Tunnel entrance is 31 inches wide.

There is a stone threshold at the bottom of the entrance to the tunnels which is 2 inches on the outside and 5 inches on the inside.

Entrance to Lower Battery is 29 inches wide.

The brick arches narrow passageways to 3 feet 2 inches
Stairs to Caponier

There are many stairs in the tunnels:

  • 24 stairs from tunnel to East Caponier.
  • 6 stairs from East Caponier to ditch.
  • 21 stairs from tunnel to West Caponier.
  • 4 stairs from West Caponier to ditch.

Stairs are made of stone, with about the same 8” rise and 12” run.

Stairs to Caponier
Stairs to Lower Battery

There are many stairs to the Lower Battery:

  • 8 stairs from Upper Battery to Lower Battery door.
  • 35 stairs (3 sets) from Upper Battery to Lower Battery.

Stairs are made of stone, with about the same 8” rise and 12” run.

Stairs to Lower Battery
Upper Battery staircases to embrasures

There are wooden stairs to each of four different embrasures (where cannons are located).

Average of 8 stairs from path to embrasure, slope varies.

Staircase to embrasure

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