Map of Georges Island National Historic Site

Georges Island National Historic Site

This map shows the points of interest and services offered at Georges Island National Historic Site.

Map of Georges Island National Historic Site

Facilities and services

Boat dock Boat Dock

Water transportation Water Transportation

Shore launch Shore Launch

Information Information

Toilet Public Toilets

First Aid First Aid Station (Coal Shed)

Picnic area Picnic Area

No access allowed No Access

Points of interest
  1. Submarine Mining Establishment
  2. Guncotton Tanks
  3. Dry Primer Store
  4. Married Officers Quarters
  5. A. Former Prison Shed Location

  6. Lighthouse Keeper’s House
  7. “The Mi’kmaq” Interpretive Panel
  8. “The Acadians” Interpretive Panel
  9. B. Former Prison Shed Location

  10. Lighthouse
  11. Fort Charlotte Gate and Guard Room
  12. Parade Square
  13. North Battery
  14. Caponiers
  15. Forge
  16. Artillery Store
  17. RML Laboratory
  18. Upper Battery
  19. 9-inch RML Gun Emplacements
  20. Quick-Fire Gun Emplacements
  21. Tunnels (Magazine Complex)
  22. Ditch
  23. Lower Battery
  24. Central Caponier

For Your Safety

  • Georges Island is a fortification that features steep masonry walls, surrounded by a ditch up to 9 metres deep.
  • Please do not climb up on the walls or earthworks or out into gun openings. These areas are especially dangerous when wet.
  • Young children should be under close supervision at all times.
  • Be aware of steep inclines and watch out for low doorways, uneven steps, and floors.
  • Please note there is no smoking permitted on the island.

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