Visitor guidelines

Georges Island National Historic Site

Is the Island affected by weather related closures?

Please note: Georges Island will be closed when the ferry to Georges Island is cancelled due to heavy rains or unsafe conditions for travel by boat.

Cancellations will be made by 9 pm the evening before (unless there are exceptional circumstances).

Before you travel, please confirm the island will be open:

Are dogs or other pets allowed on board the ferry and on the island?

Pets or other animals are not permitted on board the Ambassatours Gray Line ferry or on the island.

Trained service and guide dogs are permitted.

What is your smoking and alcohol policy?

Smoking, vaping, and alcohol of any kind are forbidden on Georges Island and on all vessels.

Is there anything available for sale on the island (such as food and drink)?

There are no concession or retail outlets on the island.

Please bring food and water (as required).

Some food, water, and other goods will be available for purchase onboard the vessel.

Could I pre-order a boxed-lunch?

Call Ambassatours Gray Line at 902-420-1015 to pre-order boxed-lunches.

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How do I properly dispose of trash and recycling?

Please pack in and pack out. 

Please leave no trash or recycling on the island.

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