Jasper House National Historic Site

Gaze across the Athabasca River and envision 50 years of fur trading history located at the junction of towering mountain ranges and mountain passes. For almost half a century Jasper House was the main stopping place for fur traders using the Athabasca, and Yellowhead passes, and an important meeting place for adventurers, voyageurs, artists and missionaries. A short, beautiful walk leads you to the Jasper House viewpoint.

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How to get there and how to access the Jasper House lookout.

Culture and history

Jasper National Park owes its name to North West Company voyageur and post manager, Jasper Haws.

Stewardship and management

Learn about site management at Jasper House National Historic Site.

Highway 16, roadside pullout 35 km east of Jasper.

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Note: The site may be inaccessible due to snow in the winter.

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