Visitor safety

Your safety is important to us. It is up to you to plan ahead and prepare, as you are in charge of the most important aspects of your safety.

Important details

Be AdventureSmart

For all trips, big or small, follow the Three T’s:

  • Trip plan - always leave a trip plan with someone, plan your route, know the terrain and conditions, choose a trip that fits the abilities of everyone in your group, and check the weather
  • Training - learn the knowledge and skills you need before heading out, and know and stay within your limits
  • Take the essentials - bring these basic survival items for every outdoor situation, and know how to use them

To help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip, learn more below and from the website of the Parks Canada destination you plan to visit.

Summer safety

Extreme heat

Stay healthy in the heat.

Mountain safety in summer

How’s the rock?, climbing season, summer weather, safety, camping and bivouacs, rescue services.

Ticks and Lyme disease

Protect yourself from ticks and lyme disease.

Safety info for paddlers and boaters (STARTboating)

Also available in French, Chinese, Hindi, and Tagalog.

Water safety

Hypothermia, risks for swimmers, rip currents, river features, hazards and signals.

Stand up paddleboard safety

Regulations, cold water safety and tips.

All-season safety

Coastal safety (CoastSMART)

Learn to stay safe in coastal environments, whether or not you plan on entering the water.

Mountain safety

Avalanche information, activities, mountain safety program, custodial groups, useful links.

Wildlife safety

10 tips to respect wildlife and stay safe.


Safety tips for outdoor activities. Be adventure smart and learn the essentials.

Visitor safety videos

Parks mountain safety YouTube videos.

Winter safety

Avalanche safety

Current avalanche risks, forecasts, terrain, know before you go, training.

Mountain safety in winter

Safety, winter weather, pets.

Extreme cold

Who is at risk, health risks, treatments, how to reduce your risk.

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