Grasslands National Park

Experience the solitude and wonder of the Southern Saskatchewan prairie landscape by day or night. Evidence of those who came before us is at your feet. Dinosaur fossils, the mass extinction boundary, hearth sites, tipi rings, bison drive lanes, and cellar depressions set among today’s living prairie.

View from inside a tent looking out, of four campers sitting outside their tents, while one plays guitar, in the West Block of Grasslands National Park


Stay close to nature at one of our wonderful campsites–at your preferred comfort level.

Visitor enjoying the breathtaking views of the Milky Way at night from the Frenchman Valley Campground in the Dark Sky Preserve, in Grasslands National Park.

Real, dark skies

The Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve is one of the largest and darkest in Canada!

Young adults out hiking on the 70 Mile Butte Trail at West Block, in Grasslands National Park.

Hiking adventures

Trails are one of the best ways for you to connect with the landscape and experience the immeasurable beauty and solitude of this park

Visiting Grasslands National Park

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About Grasslands National Park

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Nature and science

Conservation and science, animals, plants, the environment, and research.

How to get here

Contact Grasslands National Park

General inquiries:

Visitor Centre: 1-877-345-2257
Frenchman Valley Campground (West Block):
Rock Creek Campground (East Block):

For emergencies within the Park:

Hours of operation

Open year-round
Some services and facilities are open only during the summer season
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