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Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park is Canada’s first national park established to represent the mixed-grass prairie. To many, the Canadian Prairie evokes images of boundless fields of grain. Few have seen a native mixed-grass prairie ecosystem. Only a small portion of this ecosystem remains, making Grasslands National Park and surrounding lands the most significant representation of the Prairie Grasslands Natural Region.


Grasslands National Park is a land of rolling hills, rugged coulees, and steep ravines. The West Block centres on the Frenchman River Valley and the East Block features the Killdeer "Badlands" and the Wood Mountain "Uplands". Grasslands National Park is where sky meets prairie at the northern extension of the great plains.

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In the dry hills, badlands and eroded river valleys in and around Grasslands National Park, a diversity of wildlife, including pronghorns, greater sagegrouse, prairie rattlesnakes and the only remaining black-tailed prairie dog colonies in Canada, can still be found.



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Grasslands National Park was established in 1981 with the Federal-Provincial agreement to conserve, protect and present a portion of the Prairie Grasslands.

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Cool and warm season grasses cover the upland prairie areas and some of the broad valley lowlands that are also vegetated with sagebrush, greasewood and prickly pear cactus.

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