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Things to do in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut or northern Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador. Plan ahead, make sure your reservations are in place, and verify what services might be available before you go.

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A woman in a tent looks at the camera, several tents and the mountains in the background at Ivvavik National Park.
Camping and accommodations
Discover all the options.
A young girl sitting in the grass writes in a notebook, Kathleen Lake, visitors and mountains in the background, at Kluane National Park and Reserve.
Travel itinerary
8-day Yukon itinerary from Whitehorse.
Two women and two young children sit at a picnic table in a shelter by the ocean with a pingo in the background at the Pingo Canadian Landmark.
Staff favourites in Northern Canada
Discover hidden gems, must-sees and magical moments from the experts themselves.
A group of visitors and staff look into the distance in Ivvavik National Park.
Get involved in conservation
Learn how you can get involved in Parks Canada's efforts.
Red chairs at the viewpoint at Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls), in Nahanni National Park Reserve.
Discover our iconic red chairs
Have a seat in the most breathtaking locations across Northern Canada.
Three visitors hike across the tundra with the sun and a rock in the background at Ivvavik National Park.
Hiking in Northern Canada
There is bound to be a hiking trail you like!
Green and purple Northern Lights above the forest at Wood Buffalo National Park.
Signature northern experiences
Be inspired by our adventure ideas!

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