Whistlers Campground

Jasper National Park

It’s more important than ever for people to connect with nature and rediscover the outdoors after feeling the effects of pandemic isolation. Although we are still applying the finishing touches, we look forward to welcoming you to Whistlers Campground this summer, and to the grand opening celebration in spring 2022. We would be grateful for your continued understanding and patience, so appreciated during the construction phase, as we reopen Whistlers Campground with new buildings, new systems, and new staff.

What’s new?

These improvements will ensure the quality and reliability of visitor infrastructure and will allow Canadians to connect with nature in Jasper National Park for decades to come.

This work was part of the unprecedented $3 billion invested by the Government of Canada over five years to support Parks Canada’s infrastructure upgrades to heritage, tourism, waterway and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas across Canada.

When you arrive

Campers and visitors will see that Whistlers Campground has undergone a great deal of construction work, and that significant numbers of dead and dying trees, impacted by mountain pine beetle, have been removed.

In place of the removed trees, young saplings will flourish with the space and sunshine they now have. But trees grow slowly. It will take many years for these saplings to gain height. In the meantime, many campsites in Whistlers now have more sun and greater mountain views than before.

In areas where electrical, sewer and water services were upgraded, the ground has been significantly disturbed. Much of the campground has been re-seeded, but it will take time for natural grasses and vegetation to grow this summer. We ask that you stay off the newly seeded areas.

You may consider bringing a self-supported tent to create a shady and dry spot at your site. Cosmetic work, including landscaping and greening-up of the campground, will extend through the rest of 2021 and over the winter.

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