Interpretive programs and activities

Jasper National Park

We are pleased to announce an exciting lineup of campground shows, campfire talks and fun activities for the summer of 2024. Programs are currently in development so check back in late-May for more details and scheduling. Evening campground shows begin June 29, 2024.

Evening campground programs 2024

Sharing the stage
This summer we are privileged to host programming presented by local Indigenous partner communities! Stay tuned for a complete program schedule.

Guardians of the water
Clean, Drain, Dry, Certify! The rivers and lakes in Jasper are in danger and need your help to protect them from some nasty aquatic invasive species spreading through Alberta. Learn about the invasive species that can threaten our native fish populations.

Birds eye view
Most bird populations are on the decline across North America. Learn about four species that are especially vulnerable to changes in climate, habitat loss, cats… and what you can do to help.

Bear 222
Hear the real-life story of a young grizzly bear mother and her two cubs as they try to solve the riddle of survival while learning to coexist with humans in a very busy park.

Speaker series
Have you ever wondered what happens ‘behind the scenery’ in Jasper National Park? Join us for stories of conservation and restoration from Parks Canada’s Resource Conservation staff - straight from the horse’s mouth.

On the Road from June to September
Wildlife Patrol

Living with wildlife interpreters can be found at busy day use areas, trailheads and on the road, patrolling for wildlife jams. These specialized interpreters help you have safe and memorable wildlife experiences and ensure we “keep the wild in wildlife”.

Look for their distinct van and follow their directions.

Wildlife safety exhibits

We have wildlife safety exhibits at Whistlers Campground and downtown Jasper. Take a selfie with your favourite wild animal panel. Play the Wildlife Safety Quiz. Share your highlights on social media.

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