Big changes to campsites: our forests are in regeneration mode

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a constantly changing landscape, and this includes our campgrounds. To ensure the safety of campers, many dead and dying pine trees affected by mountain pine beetle have been removed from Whistlers, Wapiti and Wabasso campgrounds. This work protects campers and campground infrastructure from falling trees, and helps reduce the risk of wildfire.

If you are returning to one of these campgrounds, it will look very different from the last time you visited. The old, dead pine trees are gone. In their place are many young saplings that will flourish with all the space and sunshine they now have. But trees grow slowly. It will take many years for saplings to grow into towering evergreens. In the meantime, many campsites in Whistlers, Wapiti, and Wabasso have more sun and offer more mountain views. You may want to consider bringing a self-supported shade tent to create a nice shady spot at your site.


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