Lock 31 - Buckhorn

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Lock 31 is a short walk to the hamlet of Buckhorn where boaters can find various facilities. Good lake cruising can be found above and below the lock. Please note there is a maximum of 1 night mooring period available at this lock station because of its very busy use.

Getting here
  • Address: 1961 Lakehurst Road, Buckhorn, Ontario
  • Nautical chart: #2024 (more on Nautical charts)
  • Kilometer marker: 194.2 km (mile 120.7)
  • GPS: 44°33'20.0"N 78°20'46.2"W

Hours of Operation


Navigational data
  • Lock length: 37.8 m (124 ft)
  • Lock width: 9.7 m (32 ft)
  • Average lift: 3.5 m (11.5 ft))
  • Max. mooring period: 1 night

Facilities and services
Buckhorn lockstation
Constructed: 1882-1884

Originally known as Halls Bridge, the town was later known as Buckhorn due to the collection of deer antlers that decorated the local grist mill. This site boasted a bustling hamlet with a dam, timber slide and mills. The community expanded with temporary workers when construction began on the lock and refurbishment of the dam. Today Buckhorn boasts a thriving cottage and tourism industry.

Tourism information
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