Lock 22 - Nassau Mills

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Lock 22, located on the beautiful River Road scenic drive, is situated near Trent University. This site offers a large expanse of parkland in which to enjoy a family picnic.

Getting here
  • Address: 3779 Nassau Mills Road, Peterborough, Ontario
  • Nautical chart: #2023 (more on Nautical charts)
  • Kilometer marker: 151.7 km (mile 94.3)
  • GPS: 44 21' 52.71"N 78 17' 25.17"W

Hours of Operation


Navigational data
  • Lock length: 36.6 m (120 ft)
  • Lock width: 9.7 m (32 ft)
  • Average lift: 4.3 m (14 ft)
  • Max. mooring period: 2 nights

Facilities and services
Construction of the Nassau Mills lockstation
Constructed: 1895 - 1898

Minutes away from the world-famous Trent University and first surveyed in 1835, it wasn’t until 1895 that the government approved the canal construction between Peterborough and Lakefield. The firm of Brown, Love and Aylmer constructed dams to flood the rapids and locks to bypass dams. The dams continued to be timber crib construction till replaced by concrete in the 20th century.

Tourism information
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