Townships of Severn and Gravenhurst

Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site

Whites Portage Dam Rehabilitation

Scope of Work
  • Full replacement of the dam
  • Increased flow capacity of the dam in order to mitigate flooding
  • Increased safety for water management operations
  • Increased safety for residents and visitors

Pre-Construction Planning, Engagement and Consultation.

Project Schedule

The project is scheduled to begin in early 2023, with completion in 2025.

Latest News

Whites Portage Dam is the main flood management dam for Six Mile Lake and is one of seven owned and operated by Parks Canada in the area. Originally constructed in 1918, the dam regulates the lake’s water level and outflow into Gloucester Pool.

If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed project or to receive updates, please get in touch with us by email at and include “Whites Portage Dam” in the subject line.

Couchiching Lock 42 – Fixed bridge replacement and concrete rehabilitation

Scope of Work
  • Full replacement of the fixed bridge
  • Re-facing of the bridge abutments
  • Road work on the bridge approaches
  • Future concrete repair in the lock chamber
Active construction
Project Schedule
A completion date is not yet available.
Latest News
June 9, 2021 - Info-Work: Temporary Closure for Paving
December 31, 2020 - Info-Work: Fixed Bridge at Couchiching Lock 42 Open to Vehicles
December 18, 2020 - Community Update: Construction Update
June 11, 2020 - Community Update: Construction Update
April 8, 2020 - Community Update: Construction Update
January 9, 2020 -Info-Work: Bridge Replacement 
October 21, 2019 - Info-Work: Road Closure to Replace Bridge: Washago at Couchiching Lock 42
May 21, 2019 -  Info-Work: Geotechnical Work at Couchiching Lock 42
The fixed bridge at Couchiching Lock 42 was constructed in 1931, and carried Canal Road over the Trent-Severn Waterway directly downstream of the lock. The new bridge – primarily built offsite, and then assembled onsite to mitigate impact to the public - will have a lifespan of approximately 50 years. The load restrictions of the bridge will not change.

Hamlet Bridge 57 Replacement | Near Severn Falls, connecting the Townships of Severn and Gravenhurst

The Hamlet Bridge is a combination fixed and swing bridge. The bridges will be replaced will a similar look to respect the historic landscape of the area. The bridges will be raised to reduce immersion of mechanical components during high water events, as well as correct runoff away from the bridge. The road abutments, east pier and bridge operator’s building will be fully replaced, and mechanical and electrical systems will be upgraded.

Swift Rapids Lock Road Bridge Rehabilitation | Near Severn Falls, Township of Gravenhurst

The Swift Rapids Lock 43 access road (an extension of Carlyon Road in Severn Township) provides seasonal access to both the lock and the hydro facility, as well as providing an access route for trappers, snowmobilers, and some cottages. Parks Canada repaired four bridges on the road; work was completed in late summer 2017. 

August 4, 2017 - Info Work: Access Road to Re-Open (PDF, 117 KB)
June 19, 2017 - Swift Rapids, Lock 43 Access Road Closure (PDF, 118 KB)

Big Chute Marine Railway Car Rehabilitation or Replacement | Near Severn Falls, Township of Gravenhurst

Based on assessment and design, the Big Chute Marine Railway Car will be rehabilitated or replaced.

Rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of Port Severn Dams and Bridges | Port Severn

The project scope entails a comprehensive rehabilitation / reconstruction of many of the dams and associated assets within the TSW Northern Sector in the Port Severn Area. The dams include the Port Severn Main Dam, Bayview Dam E, Little Chute Dam G, and Port Severn Blind Dams A, C, and D. Also included within this project are repairs to the Port Severn Fixed Bridge and the Bayview Dam E Bridge.

Rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of Northern Sector Dams

The project scope entails a comprehensive rehabilitation / reconstruction of dams and associated assets within the Trent-Severn Waterway Northern Sector in the Six Mile Lake region. This includes the two Six Mile Lake Dams, Whites Portage Dam, the Pretty Channel Dams, Hungry Bay Dam, Crooked Bay Dam and Little Go Home Bay Dam. Mechanization is being considered for the Whites Portage and Pretty Channel Dams to further enhance water management capabilities.

July 7, 2017 - Info-Work: Geotechnical Investigation at Six Mile Lake Area Dams (PDF, 114 KB)

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