Water activities

Jasper National Park

Mountains, beaches and crystal clear water – it truly does not get any better than this. With so many beautiful lakes and rivers in the park, there is no shortage of opportunities to get your water fix. From paddling, swimming, camping, hiking or soaking in the Miette Hot Springs, Jasper offers something for everyone!

Water sports

Picture an early morning on the water with a thermos of hot chocolate, surrounded by the reflections of mountains. Whether you enjoy kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding or even traction kiting, Jasper offers an abundance of opportunities to relax or get active on our lakes and rivers.

Rocky mountain beaches

Are you looking to relax on a beach in the Canadian Rockies? Jasper National Park is home to several lake beaches to quench your thirst for sand, sun, paddle sports, and the best part, mountain views!

Camping adventures near the water

Do you remember the last time you woke up to the call of a loon? Listened to waves lap up on the shore only steps from your tent? Pack your bags and head to one of Jasper’s campgrounds near the water.

Hiking with water views

Jasper’s trail network offers plenty of opportunities to visit rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the area. Whether you’re looking for spectacular water views or want to take a dip to cool off after a grueling hike – these trails are some of Jasper’s best.

Miette Hot Springs

Rain or shine, the Miette Hot Springs is a great place to bring the whole family! Visit the source of the hot springs, hike the Sulphur Skyline and soak in the hottest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies.

Water safety

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