Activities and experiences

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Step back in time to experience the life of a Victorian-era soldier. Explore the history of Halifax, watch the firing of the noon day gun, and join a guided tour. Become a 78th Highlander for a day with a Signature Experience. Host a birthday party, school trip, meeting, or special event in this historic location!

Tours and programs

Participate in public or private tours and programs.

A Highlander greets visitors at the gate.

Guided tour

Enjoy a complimentary guided tour of the many period rooms and exhibits.

Fortress Halifax – A City Shaped by Conflict

Immerse yourself in the largest and newest exhibit at the Halifax Citadel.

Two visitors and a Highlander raise a toast.

Halifax Citadel Distilled Experiences

Enjoy a quick tasting or embark on a private or public tour including tasting tutorials with a distiller!

A tour guide leads visitors outside with lanterns.

Ghost tour: Dare to be scared

Join a haunted history tour of the Halifax Citadel at night. Chills guaranteed!

A bunch of kids with a birthday cake.

Birthday parties

Host your next birthday party at the coolest spot in Halifax!

Make memories at the Halifax Citadel


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Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. [An aerial view of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and Downtown Halifax.]

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. [The back of a 78th Highlander standing guard at the front gate of the Halifax Citadel.]

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia [Three 78th Highlanders firing rifles inside the fort walls.]

[Visitors follow the 78th Highlander as he guides them through the Halifax Citadel fort entrance.]

Compass Distillers brand. [Close up of Compass Distillers branded barrels.]

[Close up of a 78th Highlander swirling liquid in a 78th Highlander branded glass.]

[Four visitors walk through an interior brick archway into a lit historic room.]

[78th Highlander holds glass of alcohol and gestures with his hands while two visitors take a sip from their glasses then smile at one another.]

[Interpreters wearing historic uniforms work together to load and fire the Noon Gun Cannon.]

[Two uniformed interpreters play the bagpipes and drum in front of the Cavalier Building inside the Halifax Citadel.]

[Large crowds of visitors gather in front of the Cavalier Building inside the Halifax Citadel.]

[Two kids run up the fort stairs to the ramparts while an adult walks up behind them.]

[Two visitors walk up the ramp to the ramparts and are greeted by two 78th Highlanders.]

[A interpreter in historic uniform leads four visitors across the fort ramparts and down a set of stairs. It is the evening and all are holding lanterns.]

[A close up of two of the visitors' faces while they listen to the interpreter tell scary stories.]

[Interpreter laughs as he closes a fort door. Screen fades to black.]

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