Ready! Aim! Fire!

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Step up and take your turn as a 78th Highlander firing an authentic Snider-Enfield rifle just as they did in 1869! Feel the weight of the barrel as it presses against your cheek. Stand tall, hold the rifle steady and pull the trigger.

This is 19th-century fire power at its best!

Ready, aim, fire like a 78th Highlander at the Halifax Citadel!


[ This video contains no spoken words ]

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[Interior of Halifax Citadel. Two soldiers dressed as 78th Highlanders stand at the top of ramp looking towards camera waiting for visitors.]

Text: "Halifax Citadel National Historic Site Nova Scotia".

[Young couple (male and female) walk up ramp towards soldiers.]

[Couple put on red doublets with soldier's assistance.]

[78th Highlander reaches to pick up historic rifle from wooden table.]

[One 78th Highlander points to the historic rifle and explains how to load ammunition.]

[Close up of female visitor dressed in red doublet and safety glasses.]

[Close up of male visitor dressed in red doublet and safety glasses.]

[Couple watch 78th Highlander aim historic rifle while other soldier watches.]

[Close up of female visitor watching 78th Highlander holding historic rifle.]

Rifle: Bang! Bang!

[Close up of female visitor firing historic rifle.]

[78th Highlander talking with couple in background.]

[Close up of 78th Highlander loading ammunition into historic rifle]

Rifle: Bang!

[Male visitor firing historic rifle with 78th Highlanders watching.]

[78th Highlander laughing with male visitor.]

[Male visitor holding historic rifle and standing with two 78th Highlanders while female visitor takes their picture.] "Halifax Citadel National Historic Site" logo on image.


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Only participants aged 16 years and over can fire a rifle. Photo ID required.


Dates and times

June 15 to August 31

Daily, except on a few special event days

Between 10 am and 3 pm

Please arrive no later than 2 pm to allow time for orientation.

Reservations and payment

How to book

Pay when you arrive or in advance.

Contact The Halifax Citadel Society:


Cost: See Halifax Citadel Society prices

Travel trade fees: Please contact Halifax Citadel Society

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