The Halifax Citadel Distilled Experiences

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Raise a glass at the Halifax Citadel’s special guided tours and spirit tastings! Savor three spirits aged at the Halifax Citadel.

Raise Your Spirits with the Halifax Citadel


[ This video contains no spoken words ]

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Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia. [A guide dressed as a 78th Highlander leads four visitors through the Halifax Citadel main entrance, across the Parade Square to the oustide of the Cavalier Building.]

[Someone twirls a liquid in a glass that has the 78th Highlander logo printed on the front.]

[The Highlander invites the four visitors to enter the historic room.]

[The Highlander gives a tour of the darkly lit barrel-room full of Compass Distillers branded barrels to the four visitors.]

[A close up of one of the Compass Distillers branded barrels.]

[The four visitors enter a brightly lit historic room where they will enjoy a Compass Distillers spirit tasting experience.]

[A close up of a charcuterie board (a selection of cheeses, cured meat and bread).]

[The four visitors are seated while the 78th Highlander guides them through a spirit tasting experience as they all sip spirits (alcohol).]

[A close up of a visitor cutting the cheese on the chacuterie board.]

[The visitor eats and enjoys a piece of cheese.]

[An aerial overview of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site.]

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Explore the past, taste the present

In 1869, a daily ration of alcohol was one of the main advantages of military life for many soldiers, as numerous accounts confirm. From persuading the enlistment of new recruits, to fortifying one’s bravery in the field, alcohol is a part of the Halifax Citadel’s story. 

Continuing this story, the Halifax Citadel Society has partnered with Compass Distillers to create three unique spirits, all of which are aged in oak barrels and stored at Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. Whether you are interested in a quick tasting experience or ready to embark on a grand tour including tasting tutorials with a professional distiller, the Halifax Citadel has an experience for you!

A couple sitting at a decorated table raises their glasses for a toast.
Raise Your Spirits!

Reserve a public or private guided tour and spirit tasting experience with a kilted highlander as your guide.

Toast and tasting
Toast and Tasting

(This program is currently unavailable.)

Savour three Halifax Citadel-aged spirits crafted by award-winning Compass Distillers.

The Proof is in the Barrel

(This program is currently unavailable.)

Reserve an exclusive private guided tour with a kilted highlander and spirit tasting with a professional distiller.

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