Family-friendly hikes

Make happy memories on the trails!

Whether you want to go for a walk with kids in a stroller or challenge your teenagers, there's a hike for you at Parks Canada! Be inspired by our family-friendly suggestions and enjoy free admission for kids 17 and under.


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North Head Trail

Signal Hill National Historic Site, Newfoundland and Labrador

Level of difficulty: Challenging. Perfect for active parents carrying strapped on babies, or families with older children.

Length: 1.7 km

Time: 1 hour

Leave the pretty city of St John’s behind and wind your way up from the Battery to the top of Signal Hill. This trail has been in use since the 1500s. Follow in the footsteps of hundreds of thousands of hikers up steep stairs, rocky sections and narrow paths. In the summer, you may be able to see whales and icebergs, and the views across the water and harbour are spectacular. Reward yourself with a treat from the famous Newfoundland Chocolate Café!

Short hikes for little legs

Start a lifelong love of hiking with these under 40 minute hikes.

Mersey Meadow

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site
Nova Scotia

An easy 0.2km loop with interpretive signs which tell the story of the wetlands and the creatures who live there. A raised platform offers the chance to spot beavers and ducks. Quack quack!

Kellys Beach Boardwalk

Kouchibouguac National Park
New Brunswick

An easy accessible 30-minute stroll along the boardwalk over the barrier island dunes with interpretive signs and stunning views across Kellys beach and the sea.

Stroller friendly hikes

Havre Saint Pierre

Prince Edward Island National Park
Prince Edward Island

Learn about the unique ecosystem and history of Greenwich on a 1.1km hike along the boardwalk which protects the fragile coastal dune system.

Old Town Trail

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
Nova Scotia

Located on Route 22, this 2.25km walk along shore of Louisbourg Harbour takes visitors through the Old Town on a hike through 300 years of history and wonderful harbour and fortress views.

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Gros Morne Mountain Trail

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador

Tackle this all-day 16km hike through forests, up stairs and across boardwalks as a family, and make memories to last a lifetime. This trail takes you to the park’s highest point (806 meters) with breathtaking views over the Long Range Mountains and the Ten Mile Pond.


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Cap de Bon Desir trail

Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park

Level of difficulty: Easy. Perfect for ocean life-loving toddlers to teens

Length: 350m

Time: 15 mins

Plan a picnic and an easy wander along the main trail and boardwalk, which leads directly to the look-out over the marine park. Settle down with a sandwich and some binoculars and get ready for a magical afternoon. Your family will love spotting pods of whales out on the water. You may also spot playful seals who come close to shore!

Short hikes for little legs

Start a lifelong love of hiking with these under 40 minute hikes.

Fortifications of Quebec

Fortifications of Quebec National Historic Site

Take a short walk along the fortification walls and step back in time to explore Quebec City’s fascinating military past. Admire the work of skilled craftsmen who helped build the city hundreds of years ago.

La Tourbière

La Mauricie National Park

Fire up young imaginations at La Tourbière with stories of insect-eating plants, on this 15-minute boardwalk hike into the middle of a floating green ‘carpet’ of pitcher plants and exotic orchids.

Stroller friendly hikes

La Lumière Trail

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Illuminating times await when you follow the all-access boardwalk to the historic lighthouse on Petite île au Marteau. Imagine living in the lighthouse and helping save ships from crashing onto the shores!

Canal Path

Lachine Canal National Historic Site

Take your time, and explore the 13.5km of perfectly flat pathway from the Bonaventure Expressway west of the Old Port to Chemin du Musée in Lachine. On the way there’s plenty for all ages to enjoy from green spaces to play in, to centuries-old buildings to explore. Plus the delicious Atwater Market is en route to stop for picnic supplies!

Tire out teens

Les Graves Trail

Forillon National Park

Bring the family together on a challenging 4-5-hour, 15.2km round trip which takes in woods and fields, and overlooks the sea and tucked-away coves. Maybe you’ll spot bears or porcupines in the bush, or even whales on the waves! Take a group photo at the solar powered lighthouse and enjoy the winding trail to the bottom of the cliff at Land’s End.


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Boardwalk Beach Trail

Pukaskwa National Park

Level of difficulty: Easy; ideal for all ages from toddlers to teens

Length: 1.2km with 0.2km of boardwalk

Time: 30 minutes round-trip

Set off from the Visitor Centre and make for Pukaskwa’s famous Horseshoe Bay, where the waves crash against the granite shore and sand dune beach, fringed with spruce and pine. Stroll the boardwalk and time your visit for sunset to watch the horizon blush pink.

Short hikes for little legs

Start a lifelong love of hiking with these under 40 minute hikes.

Singing Sands Boardwalk Trail

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Even the youngest toddler can make this 200m stroll along the boardwalk to see the beautiful greenery, including insect-eating plants and exotic orchids, which grow in the delicate wetlands below.

Heritage Loop Trail

Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Book your passage on the Daytripper for a 15-minute boat trip to Beausoleil Island and enjoy a short hike through the shady mixed forest. Learn about 7,000 years of First Nations history on the island through the interpretive panels.

Stroller friendly hikes

Marsh Boardwalk Trail

Point Pelee National Park

See how many painted turtles, red-winged blackbirds or cattails you can count as you stroll the 1km floating boardwalk loop. Take in an observation tower and use the telescopes for a closer look at the diverse habitat in the park.

Rains Point Trail

Fort St Joseph National Historic Site

Everyone can enjoy this 0.5km trail which winds through the forest to the site of an old settlement which dates back to 1837. No buildings remain, but you can admire the fragrant lilacs and roses which were planted near the limestone beach on the shores of Lake Huron.

Tire out teens

Cedar Trail

Rouge National Urban Park

Take 2.5 hrs to blow off steam exploring the lush green forests and restored wetlands along the 4.5km Cedar Trail. Sections of the trail are steep and can be slippery, so watch your step! Look out for beavers and birdlife along the river. See if you can spot a snapping turtle at the Beare Wetland complex.

The Canadian Prairies

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Brûlé Trail

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Level of difficulty: Make it easy or medium on this loop.

Length: Short loop 2.1km, longer loop 4.2km

Time: 45/90 minutes.

Gather the family and head out on this fairly flat loop (with a few tree roots to clamber over!) that takes in lush forest, springy mossy floor, and the serene beauty of Lake Kinosao. Pick up a guide booklet from the visitor centre and see how many wood lilies and other wildflowers you can identify along the way.

Short hikes for little legs

Start a lifelong love of hiking with these under 40 minute hikes.

Métis Trail

Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Admire the views of the emerald valley as you enjoy pre-hike picnic at the nearby shelter. After lunch take a quick trip through the forest and along the stunning Battle Creek on this easy 550 m walking trail.

Stueck Nature Walk Trail

Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

Love looking at birds? This easy 1.5km trek takes you through a farmer’s field to a nearby wetlands area with an observation platform. Perfect for all ages after a picnic on the dock overlooking a peaceful prairie scene.

Stroller friendly hikes

Valleyview Easy Loop Trail

Prince Albert National Park

Pack up lunch and make your way along 200m of fully-accessible trail to the Valleyview picnic site. Enjoy the sweeping views over the curving river which snakes its way through the valley.

Humboldt Trail

Batoche National Historic Site

Make it a ‘hike and ride’ on the Batoche shuttle which opens up this historic site to all visitors. Get on board the open-sided, fully accessible ride to discover the story of the site of Louis Riel’s provisional government of Saskatchewan, and the bloody battle of 1885.

Tire out teens

70 Mile Butte

Grasslands National Park

Climb one of the highest peaks in the park on this 4.1 km challenge. Make the trip early in the morning or at dusk to watch the sun rise or set over the valley. The views from the top are unforgettable!

Western Canada

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Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Trail

Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia

Level of difficulty: Easy

Length: 1.2km

Time: 45 mins

Challenge the family to a fun game of I-spy on this trail with an all-access boardwalk over a swamp packed with fascinating flowers, plants and critters! Signs will help you out along the way. See if you can spot muskrats, beavers, and—of course—skunk cabbages!

Short hikes for little legs

Start a lifelong love of hiking with these under 40 minute hikes.

Shorepine Bog Trail

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve
British Columbia

Uncover the fascinating story of the determined shorepine trees that somehow manage to survive amongst the sphagnum moss bogs, growing sideways instead of upwards! The boardwalk is an easy 20-minute stroll over the bog with plenty of interpretive panels along the way.

Stewart Canyon Trail

Banff National Park

Perfect for little ones who love beachcombing. This easy 1.5km, 40-minute mostly flat hike leads you from the shoreline of Lake Minnewanka to Stewart Canyon. Along the way there’s a bridge over the Cascade River, and plenty of pebbly driftwood-scattered beaches.

Stroller friendly hikes

Hemlock Grove Boardwalk trail

Glacier National Park
British Columbia

As an incredible legacy to Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion World Tour when he climbed the Rogers Pass in his wheelchair, this short 400-metre barrier-free boardwalk now means everyone can experience the beauty of the rainforest on this immersive, easy hike.

The Lee Trail, Lake Annette

Jasper National Park

The accessible Lee Trail around the perimeter of beautiful Lake Annette is 2.4 km. The trail was recently widened and paved, and features brand new interpretive signage. The sandy beach, picnic sites and playground make this a perfect family pick.

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Laughing Falls Trail

Yoho National Park
British Columbia

This 8.8km trail winds 125m high through the dense old growth forest to a waterfall where the Little Yoho and Yoho Rivers meet. A fun afternoon or morning hike with the most gorgeous views at the end!

Northern Canada

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Ulu Peak Trail

Auyuittuq National Park, Nunavut

Level of difficulty: Easy to moderate. Probably best for kids 10 or over who can walk a distance on uneven ground.

Length: 10km round-trip depending on tides and the drop off point.

Time: Plan for a whole day’s expedition, but the hike is on your own pace and usually takes under two hours.

Throughout July and August join the lucky group of people who’ve made the journey to visit the Pangnirtung community, 50 kilometres (31 miles) south of the Arctic Circle. Head out with a local Inuk outfitter on a 30km boat trip through the fjord to the drop-off point. Then join a Parks Canada guide to hear stories of this vast and rugged landscape.

Short hikes for little legs

Karstland Trail

Wood Buffalo National Park
Northwest Territories

Even the shortest legs can toddle their way along this easy trail which starts at the Salt River Day Use Area and winds its way through fascinating karst terrain with its sinkholes and dolomite. Eagle-eyed hikers may be able to spot cute red-sided garter snakes and learn from the interpretive signs that line the 780m route.

Stroller friendly hikes

Kokanee Trail

Kluane National Park and Reserve

Soak up spectacular views over the lake shore and mountains when you follow the 1km Kokanee Trail along an accessible boardwalk and learn all about the kokanee salmon who live in the lake. Take a rest on one of the benches along the way and see how many fish you can see!

Tire out teens

Sloop Cove Hike

Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site

Make it an experience from the wild with a fun trip by Zodiac boat to Sloop Cove, at what was once the winter harbour for the Prince of Wales Fort. Trace the signatures of Hudson’s Bay Company men scratched into the stones. Hike in their footsteps accompanied by a knowledgeable Parks Canada guide along this 4km loop through tundra blazing with wildflowers. Look out for gleaming white beluga whales cresting the waves and birds soaring overhead.

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