Pass information for accommodation providers

Prince Edward Island National Park

To our industry colleagues,

Following a full year of consultations and planning, Parks Canada introduced a new look in 2019 for the Prince Edward Island National Park seasonal and 7-day permits. The traditional hangtag now includes space to print two license plate numbers on the front, one of which must match the plate number on the vehicle entering the park.

Why Parks Canada made this change

Parks Canada entrance permits are non-transferable, meaning they are intended to be used by the permit holder (signatory) only. Parks Canada is enforcing all regulations related to entrance permits at PEI National Park and at Green Gables Heritage Place, including that which is stated on the rear of the permit: "Pass is non-refundable and is void if resold or transferred". This direction aligns with all other national parks and historic sites administered by Parks Canada across the country.

The design change reflects observations by compliance team members who have reported increasing incidents of park visitors without a valid permit in the park. Parks Canada has been working with industry leaders over the past four years to raise awareness of the issue, and to develop a system to prohibit the transferring of permits.  It is important that regulations are enforced so that all visitors are treated equally. This change to the permit design will reduce the likelihood of non-compliance.

Accommodation providers

Accommodation providers on Prince Edward Island are invited to purchase vouchers to resell to guests. Vouchers can be sold independently at check-in, or as a part of a package. Parks Canada is working with Maritime Fun Group Inc. who is managing this third party sales option on our behalf. If you are an operator and would like to learn about third-party sales, or to request more information to share with your guests about Parks Canada entrance fees, please contact us at 902-672-6350.

How entrance fees are reinvested

Fees that are collected through entrance and camping permits are reinvested in local services, products and activities. This enables us to ensure that supporters of PEI National Park will continue to enjoy upgrades and improvements to enhance their experience with us. Recent investment examples include accessibility upgrades, outdoor wash stations in campgrounds, mitigating measures to protect species at risk and their habitat, and specialised equipment to improve efficiency and productivity in our cleaning and maintenance routine.

When Permits are Non-Compliant

We understand that it takes time to adjust to change. Therefore, administrative compliance efforts in Prince Edward Island National Park will be focused on education. Our staff will monitor permits at entrance gates and in parking lots, and will engage with visitors to ensure that they understand the new permit design. In incidents of non-compliance, we will explain necessary corrective measures.

In cases where the permit has been transferred by an accommodation provider, we will provide the visitor an opportunity to exchange the permit for a valid day pass and will follow up with the operator directly.

In the event that rules are blatantly ignored and recurring non-compliance becomes an issue, we will refer the case to our Park Wardens for enforcement action. Our commitment is to do our best to ensure that all parties abide by the same rules and are treated equally.

Many thanks to all of you who have been supportive as we transitioned to the new permit design and third-party sales process in 2019. May 2020 be a year of good fortune for your business!

With kind regards,

Tara McNally MacPhee

Manager of Visitor Experience, Prince Edward Island National Park

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