Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park hiking trails travel through a variety of landscapes, including meadows, forests, wetlands and farmland. Enjoy views of the Rouge and Little Rouge rivers, wander through mature forests, stroll past farm fields and explore the rich history of the area.

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Trail (north to south) Distance Time Difficulty
Northeast Trail 
This trail traverses marshland, agricultural fields and features seven boardwalks with one pergola overlooking a marsh.
10.7 km (one way)
4 hours   
Harvest Trail
This family-friendly linear trail weaves through fields of crops, marshland, and shaded woodlots.

5.1 km (one way)

 1.5 - 2 hours  
Central Trail
This section of trail winds along hedgerows, with views of agricultural and urban landscapes. Following the Katabokokonk creek, and then the Little Rouge creek, hear the sounds of ever-present water.
 10.5 km (one way) 3 hours   
South Central Trail
This section of trail starts in Cedar Grove, connects to Monarch trail in the West, and traverses hedgerows and a restoration area. 
2.1 km (one way) 30 minutes   
Tallgrass Trek
This loop trail winds past restored wetlands, meadows and grasslands leading to sweeping south facing views across the landscape.
 3.2 km 1 - 1.5 hours   
Monarch Trail
This gently rolling loop trail takes you through a mix of habitats from rare cedar savannah to adjacent farm fields and a restored stand of white pine.
7.6 km  2 - 3 hours   
Reesor Way/Tanglewood Trail 
This loop trail explores many different habitat types, including meadows, young replanted trees, mature forests, and river habitat.
3.3 km  1 - 1.5 hours   
Woodland Trail 
The Woodland Trail provides shorter and longer walking options set against a backdrop of forests, meadows and water.
3.5 km  1.5 hours   
Cedar Trail and the Beare Wetlands Loop 
Enjoy the rich wildlife at the Beare Wetlands on the southern part of this trail, then head north into mature forests with views of the Little Rouge River.
 4.5 km or 1.5 km 2 - 2.5 hours or 30 - 45 minutes 
Orchard Trail 
A classic Rouge Valley hike, the Orchard Trail features young forests mixed with wetlands and traces of early European settlement, including remnant orchards, residences and an old mill.
 2 km (one way) 1 - 2 hours 
Vista Trail 
The Vista Trail’s two-level viewing platform is one of the best places to view Toronto’s autumn colours and spectacular valley views.
 1.5 km (one way) 1 - 2 hours 
Celebration Forest Trail 
Celebration Forest Trail features a forest memorial paying homage to community leaders and pioneers whose efforts to protect the Rouge Valley led to the creation of Canada’s first national urban park.
500 m  10 minutes   
Glen Eagles Vista Trail 
Glen Eagles Vista Trail provides brilliant views of the Rouge River and Little Rouge Creek and geologically-significant bluffs.
600 m   15 - 30 minutes   
Mast Trail 
This classic Rouge Valley hike features excellent examples of rare Carolinian ecosystems while traversing a 200-year-old former logging route.
2.5 km (one way)  1 - 2 hours   / 
Moderate to Difficult 
Rouge Marsh Trail
The Rouge Marsh Trail offers a short hike with stunning views of the largest remaining wetland in the City of Toronto.
500 m (one way) 15 - 30 minutes


  • Stay on marked trails and use caution at road crossings
  • Some trails have steep grades and steps
  • Trail conditions vary depending on the weather (trails are not salted or cleared of ice and snow in the winter)
  • There are limited amenities in the park, and food and water are not available on the trails or at the trailheads
  • Dress appropriately for changing weather and carry everything you need for a successful day out
  • Know your limits and be safe
  • Check our hiking tips and park rules for more information   

Please note that cycling is only permitted on certain hiking trails. Please check each trail page for more information.


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