Rouge National Urban Park

The park’s farmland and forests provide a lovely rural atmosphere and a sense that you are far away from the city. There are also few traffic lights to interrupt your ride, while the gentle rolling hills offer a nice workout.

Popular north-south roads for cycling include Meadowvale Road, Beare Road, 11th Concession, and Reesor Road. There is also a multi-use pathway that runs along the west side of Meadowvale Road near the Toronto Zoo. Reesor Road runs through a large portion of the park, from the Toronto Zoo area to just south of Stouffville, near the north end of the park. These north-south routes can be connected by east-west roads such as Old Finch Avenue, Plug Hat Road, and 14th Avenue. If you’re looking for a more remote experience, head to the far northeast corner of the park where many quiet country roads are waiting to be explored.

For a more relaxed ride, connect to the multi-use Waterfront Trail at Rouge Beach, which runs both east and west along the shore of Lake Ontario. This is a perfect place to take kids for a bike ride.


The park's road network offers excellent opportunities for cyclists to explore the area. However, many of the roads have narrow shoulders, so please use caution when cycling. Cycling is also a great way to reach the park. Plan your route using Google Maps cycling directions or OpenStreetMap.


Please note that cycling is only permitted on certain hiking trails. Please check each trail page for more information. 

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