Visitor guidelines

Rouge National Urban Park

We want everyone to enjoy their experience at Rouge National Urban Park. To ensure visitor satisfaction and to safeguard the park’s natural, cultural and agricultural heritage, please follow visitor guidelines. For more information, contact or call 416-264-2020.

Rouge National Urban Park Rules (PDF, 74.4 KB)


At this time, the public is reminded that no fires of any kind are permitted in Rouge National Urban Park. This includes campfires, charcoal barbecues, candles and biomass fuel stoves.

Discarding any burning substance in the park is also prohibited. Those who smoke should ensure that cigarette butts are extinguished and disposed of in designated receptacles.

Due to extreme risk caused by hot and dry conditions, Parks Canada would like to remind people to exercise extreme caution. Please report any suspected or potential campfire activity to 1-877-852-3100. Please call 911 to report any unmonitored fires.



Pets are welcome in the park, but we want them, and park wildlife to be safe. Our domestic animals can be exposed to dangers from wildlife and the elements just like we can, and they may also pose a danger to the park’s protected wildlife, farmland and cultural heritage. For the safety of your pet and to help protect the park, please observe the following rules:

  • Leash up – For the safety of your pet and others, all pets must be under physical control whenever you are visiting the park.
  • Stoop and scoop – Pet waste can have adverse effects on park wildlife, farmland and cultural heritage. Please clean up after your pet and dispose of waste in proper garbage receptacles.
  • Be mindful – We want everyone to feel safe and respected while they visit Rouge National Urban Park. Other visitors and local wildlife may not feel comfortable around your pet. Please keep your domestic animals away from other visitors and wildlife you may encounter in the park.

Animals and Wildlife

  • Keep wildlife wild – Feeding or enticing wildlife to approach may habituate them to human contact and lead to future aggressive or nuisance behaviour. Do not approach, feed, collect or capture wildlife.
  • Wildlife Habitats – Do not disturb any nests, dens, dams or any other important wildlife areas.
  • Fishing – Fishing is allowed in the park with a valid Ontario fishing licence. All Ontario Fishing Regulations apply.
  • Hunting – Hunting in the park is strictly prohibited. It is not permitted to trespass with a firearm at any time without special consent from the superintendent.
  • Crayfish - It is Illegal to Take Crayfish out of Rouge National Urban Park. Invasive crayfish can be easily and accidentally spread to other watercourses causing irreparable harm.


Please respect farmers and park farmland. For your own safety and to preserve sensitive areas, stay on official park trails and do not disrupt or travel through any non-recreational agricultural areas. Please do not pick or damage crops, or naturally growing vegetation. There are many farmers' markets nearby to sample locally grown foods.

Environmental Impact

In an effort to protect and conserve the natural, cultural and agricultural heritage of the park for current and future generations, please respect the following principles.

  • “Take only photos, leave only footprints” – To protect the park’s natural, cultural and agricultural heritage, do not collect, plant, remove, or damage any natural, historical or agricultural objects in the park*.
  • Keep it native, not invasive - Possessing or releasing exotic species into the park is strictly prohibited.
  • Let it flow – Please do not disrupt, obstruct, divert or pollute any watercourse in the park.

Park Etiquette

Do your part, and help everyone have an enjoyable experience! Please respect the following rules:

  • Campsites – Camping is only permitted on designated campsites*.
  • Noise – Excessive noise is prohibited at all times.
  • Alcohol – Possession or consumption of open liquor in the park is prohibited except on designated campsites where a permit is present.
  • Garbage – Help keep the park clean by disposing of garbage into appropriate receptacles. Littering and dumping of any form is an offence.
  • Prohibited items – Possession or use of the following items are not permitted within the park: firearms, fireworks and illegal substances.
  • Access – Rouge National Urban Park is open 365 days a year. However, area closures may be required under certain circumstances. Please respect area closures.
  • Special Events – Large-scale and small-scale events in the park require a permit, please call 416-264-2020 for more information.


Areas within Rouge National Urban Park can be reached by foot, bike, car, boat or by public transit. When visiting, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Parking – Some areas of the park have free parking, while others may have limited or pay and display options. Park only in designated areas and respect all posted signs. Campground vehicle permits are only valid for designated campground parking areas.
  • Snowmobiles & Off-Road Vehicles – The operation of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles in the park is strictly prohibited.


  • In Canada’s national parks, the take-off and landing of aircraft, including a remotely piloted aircraft system such as a drone, is prohibited. Parks Canada may permit limited drone use for park management, visitor safety, law enforcement or commercial purposes.
  • Transport Canada is responsible for the regulation of drones. Visit the Parks Canada website for more information about rules and where drone flights are permitted.

Leased Lands

Rouge National Urban Park contains lands that are currently leased throughout the park. These leases include agricultural, commercial and residential properties. Many of our lessees rely on the viability of farming operations for their livelihoods. Agricultural fields, buildings and areas with farm equipment are private and should not be accessed by visitors. For your safety and out of respect for park tenants, please refrain from entering such areas.

  • Boundaries – Public access to leased land is prohibited without the prior written consent of Parks Canada. Do not access lands that have been identified with signage.


Please Note: Federal, provincial and municipal laws apply while on lands and waters administered by Parks Canada. Contravention of laws or Rouge National Urban Park rules may result in fines and/or your removal from the park.

*Nothing in these rules abrogates or derogates from any Indigenous or treaty rights.

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