The Tuktut Nogait Agreement

5. The Park Management Board: Appointment and Procedures


Within six (6) months of signing this Agreement, Canada and the Inuvialuit shall establish a Park Management Board ("the Board").


The Board shall consist of five members:

  1. The IRC shall appoint one member on the advice of the PCC;
  2. The IGC shall appoint one member on the advice of the PHTC;
  3. The Minister shall appoint two members. One of these shall be recommended by the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism ( GNWT ); and
  4. On the advice of the PHTC and the PCC, the IGC and the Minister shall jointly appoint a chair in addition to the above members. Where the IGC and the Minister cannot agree on a chair, the Chief Justice of the NWT may appoint a chair on the request of the Minister or the IGC.


The Parties named in Subsection 5.2 shall appoint members and the Chair for a term not exceeding three years. Members may be re-appointed at the end of their terms. Members and the Chair may be removed for cause by the Parties that appointed them.


The DCH Director shall be invited to and shall participate in all meetings of the Board. During the course of any such meeting, and upon the request of the Board, the DCH Director shall allow the voting members of the Board the opportunity to meet without his/her being present.


When advising on Park matters which may affect or be affected by the management of lands or other resources outside the Park, the Board may, at its discretion, address the responsible authorities, or request their attendance at the Board's meetings.


Subject to Subsection 5.4, any four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. If a quorum is unable to decide a matter, the Board shall make every effort to meet as a full Board and resolve the matter expeditiously.


The Board shall make every effort to reach its decisions by consensus. If it is unable to reach a decision by consensus, then it may decide by simple vote.


The Board shall determine and make publicly available its procedures, consistent with this Agreement.

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