The Tuktut Nogait Agreement

17. Access


The Board shall advise the Minister on:

  1. visitor access;
  2. fuel storage within the Park; and
  3. the appropriateness of Visitor services facilities within the Park, and on their location, scale and character.


When acting as guides for commercial sport hunts outside the Park, Inuvialuit may guide or transport Visitors and their hunting equipment through the Park by any means to sport hunting areas outside the Park, provided that:

  1. the Visitors comply with any prohibitions in the National Parks Act on the possession, transport and discharge of firearms in a national park;
  2. the Visitors register as Park Visitors and pay any applicable Park fees; and
  3. any conditions in the Management Plan on access through the Park are met.


Parks Canada shall provide the PHTC with materials sufficient to allow Inuvialuit guides and their Visitors to identify the boundaries of the Park, including distances from outpost camps.

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