Jasper's Connector Trails

Jasper National Park

Lace up your walking shoes or “BYOB”…that is, ‘Bring your own bike,’ to visit local lakes and nearby attractions! Savvy locals and visitors know this is the best way to immerse yourself in the landscape while avoiding parking congestion. A connector trail network links the Town of Jasper to nearby campgrounds, popular swimming lakes and beaches and Maligne Canyon. These trails are generally suitable for all types of bikes and abilities. In this mountain town, it is possible to explore much of the wide open valley surrounding the townsite without climbing major hills. Say good-bye to searching for a parking spot.

Go on foot or bring your town bike, commuter bike or mountain bike and enjoy this fun, open-air mode of transportation. If you don’t have a bike, no sweat, there are many bike shops in town that you can rent from.

Connector Trails
Trail Distance
 Campgrounds Trail 4.7 km one way
 Lakes Loop 13.9 km loop
 Pyramid Trail 10.5 km return

 Easy trails

Campgrounds Trail

Distance: 4.7 km one way
Trail head: Begin at Whistlers or Wapiti Campgrounds, or in town at the corner of Hazel Avenue and Connaught drive.
Trail # 12

This gentle trail between the Town of Jasper and nearby campgrounds features river views and little elevation change.

Trail 11 sign

Lakes Loop

Distance: 13.9 km Loop
Trail head: Jasper Townsite
Trail # 12, 14, 18, 13, 11

A great option to access popular summer lakes and beaches or just to explore the beautiful valley bottom. The 8.4 km part of the loop on trails 11, 14 and 18 meanders through Old Fort Point, Lac Beauvert and Jasper Park Lodge on a mixture of paved and packed gravel trails with minumal elevation change. The more direct 6.3 km portion of the loop on trails 11 and 13 crosses Highway 16, is mainly on packed gravel trails and has 33m of elevation change.

Trail 12 sign
Trail 14 sign
Trail 18 sign
Trail 13 sign
Trail 11 sign

 Moderate trails

Pyramid Trail

Distance: 10.5 km return
Trail head: P3
Trail # 15

This wide, forested trail with a steady elevation gain of 118 m accesses Patricia and Pyramid Lakes, along with the Pyramid Bench trail system.

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