Mountain biking

Jasper National Park

Jasper has what might be the best trail system in the world. Ask any cyclist why they come back to Jasper, and you’ll likely hear that it’s because the park’s well-connected, well-maintained trails are the perfect way to experience nature while at the same time avoiding crowds. Jasper offers many options for cruisy, cross-country fun.

Jasper National Park encourages the use of bikes for the appreciation and enjoyment of the park’s spectacular landscape. If your objective is freeriding or downhilling, please consider areas such as Valemount or Hinton, where there are designated trails for these activities.

Trail directory
Trail Distance
 Lakes Loop 12 km
 Lake Edith Loop 6.7 km
 Jasper Park Lodge Loop 9.1 km
 Campgrounds Trail 6.6 km return
 Moberly Homestead 16.6 km return
 Hochimini Loop 7.2 km
 Fifth and Sixth Bridge Loop 9.8 km
 Pyramid Trail 10.5 km return
 Overlander 15 km one way
 Mina Lake Loop 7.4 km
 Andretti’s to 7h Loop 6 km
 Marjorie Lake to Ganges Loop  8.4 km

 Easy trails

Lakes Loop

Distance: 12 km
Elevation gain/loss: 210 m
Staging from: Jasper Townsite
Trail # 12, 14, 18, 11

Head out from town on trail 12 and turn left on 14 after crossing Highway 16. Take the bridge across the river and continue on the road to Lac Beauvert where you turn right to continue on the road. Follow that through Jasper Park Lodge until it connects to 18 by the horse stables. After travelling by Lake Annette, take 13 all the way back to town.

A great option to access popular summer lakes and beaches or just to explore the beautiful valley bottom.

Lake Edith Loop

Distance: 6.7 km
Elevation gain/loss: 104 m
Staging from: P10 (Fifth Bridge)
Trail# 7g, 7, 4e, 4g

Take 7g to cross the Maligne Road and continue south on 7. Turn right on 4e and connect to 4g after arriving at Lake Edith. Keep right and head back following 4g and 7g to complete the loop.

This flat, wide and non-technical loop is perfect for new mountain bikers and is short enough for families.

Jasper Park Lodge Loop

Distance: 9.1 km
Elevation gain/loss: 168 m
Staging from:Jasper Townsite
Trail# 12, 14, 7, 4b, 7b

Leave town on trail 12 and turn onto 14 after crossing Highway 16. Continue across the river bridge to Old Fort Point and immediately turn left onto 7. Turn right on 4b to connect to Old Lodge Road and follow it back through Jasper Park Lodge. Take either 7b or the Lac Beauvert Road back to Old Fort Point and then follow 14 and 12 back to town.

Taking you along the Athabasca River and through Jasper Park Lodge, this is a shorter alternative to the Lakes Loop. There is a short stretch of more technical trail in the middle but it is achievable for beginner riders.

Campgrounds Trail

Distance: 6.6 km return
Elevation gain/loss::131 m
Staging from:Jasper Townsite
Trail# 12

Follow trail 12 out of town. Choose your own turn around location and consider adding in trails 14a and 14 on the way back.

An easy ride from town and serves as a great commuter trail to and from Whistlers and Wapiti Campground. Not camping? Whistlers Campground is still a great destination for families to enjoy the playground, food truck or take in an interpretive theatre show.

 Moderate trails

Moberly Homestead

Distance: 16.6 km return
Elevation gain/loss: 375 m
Staging from: P8 Sixth Bridge
Trail # 10

Cross Sixth Bridge and travel up the gravel road a short distance to access trail 10. Continue to the Moberly Homestead before returning the same way. It is also possible to access this trail from town by taking trails 13 and 7.

This local favourite features relatively flat single track and the homestead serves as a nice destination. The trail becomes more technical further along if you are looking for a challenge.

Hochimini Loop

Distance: 7.2 km
Elevation gain/loss: 375 m
Staging from: P7
Trail # 2, 15, 6e

Follow trail 2 and then 15 before turning right on Pyramid Beach Road. Turn left onto 6e until it connects to Pyramid Lake Road. Follow the road to Pyramid Lake Resort and then connect onto 2 to finish. If you are riding from town, take trail 15 all the way to the 6e loop.

Explore aspen groves and lake views on this short loop. Watch out for roots and rocks to navigate along the shoreline.

Fifth and Sixth Bridge Loop

Distance: 9.8 km
Elevation gain/loss: 190 m
Staging from: P10 (Fifth Bridge)
Trail # 7, 13, 4g, 7g

After crossing Fifth Bridge, keep left to take trail 7 to Sixth Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue on 7 along the Athabasca River. Cross Maligne Road, turn left onto 13, then take 4g around Lake Edith and 7g back to the start.

This short loop is a good option for novice riders looking for something more challenging. The rockwalls and river views make this a picturesque ride.

Pyramid Trail

Distance: 10.5 km return
Elevation gain/loss: 328 m
Staging from: Jasper Townsite
Trail # 2, 15

Starting by the Activity Centre (P3), two trails offer different grade options leading up onto the Pyramid Bench: trail 2 is shorter and steeper, whereas trail 15 is more gradual and follows the road initially before turning left onto a trail. Both these options lead to Cottonwood Slough Parking Lot (P4) where you can continue on 15.

Your muscles will get working uphill but this trail is not technically challenging. Trail 15 ends at Pyramid Lake Resort with excellent views over the lake which serves as a great destination.

 Difficult trails


Distance: 15 km one way
Elevation gain/loss: 593 m
Staging from: P8 Sixth Bridge
Trail # 10, 13, 7

Follow trail 10 after crossing Sixth Bridge.

The technical challenges increase along this trail before ending at Highway 16. The treed start leads past the Moberly Homestead before opening up to beautiful views of the valley.

Mina Lake Loop

Distance: 7.4 km
Elevation gain/loss: 302 m
Staging from: Jasper Townsite
Trail # 11, 8a, 8, 8c, 2

Start from the Activity Centre parking lot on trail 11, connecting to 8a followed by 8. Pass Mina Lake before turning right onto 8c. Return to town following 2.

This trail winds past Mina Lake and features some nice flowing sections with panoramic views along trail 8c. It is a good option for intermediate riders looking for a challenge.

Andretti’s to 7h Loop

Distance: 6 km
Elevation gain/loss: 233 m
Staging from: P10 (Fifth Bridge)
Trail # 7g, 7, 7h

Head out on trail 7g and turn left onto 7 after crossing Maligne Road. Stay on 7 crossing back over the Maligne Road at Maligne Canyon and then follow 7h back to the parking lot.

Start off with steady uphill before enjoying some exciting downhills on the ridge above Maligne Canyon.

Marjorie Lake to Ganges Loop

Distance: 8.4 km
Elevation gain/loss: 377 m
Staging from: Jasper Townsite
Trail # 11, 3, 3i

Leave town at P2 trailhead on trail 11 and immediately connect onto 3. Take a sharp left onto 3i to explore some more technical terrain. Follow 3 and 11 back into town.

Come past the tranquil Marjorie Lake before taking on the challenging Ganges trail with spectacular views of the mountain ranges south of town.

Can I use a pedal assist e-bike in Jasper National Park?

As a pilot, pedal assist e-bikes are permitted on all trails and areas that bicycles are permitted in Jasper National Park.

What does pedal assist mean?

Power assistance is only provided when the bike is being pedalled. When pedalling stops, the power assistance also stops. Authorized pedal assist e-bikes also need to:

  1. generate 500W or less;
  2. stop power assistance when travelling 32km/h.

A bike that has an accelerator (a throttle) is not a pedal assist e-bike; it may only be ridden on roads, not on trails.

For Parks Canada‘s full definition on e-bikes, visit:

Share the trails
Be wildlife aware.
Follow proper trail etiquette.
Ride within your capability.

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