10 summer experiences in Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

Here is some inspiration for your visit to the park in the summer.

Gaze at the stars

Waterton Lakes National Park is a great place for astronomy lovers

Experience the night sky in the Waterton-Glacier International Dark Sky Park. Bring hot chocolate and a blanket to the Bison Paddock Lookout and spend the evening star gazing, identifying constellations or experimenting with night photography. See if you can find the Milky Way Galaxy!

Hike Lineham Falls trail

See how the Kenow Wildfire has changed the landscape on the Lineham Falls trail. © John Stoesser

Hike Lineham falls trail and view the stunning 250-metre high waterfall, and take in the pristine views of Mount Lineham and Mount Blakiston, the highest peak in the park.

This trail passes through burned and unburned terrain. Experience the effects of the 2017 Kenow Wildfire on the landscape and discover ecological renewal firsthand.

Drive the Akamina Parkway

Obey all speed limits and watch for wildlife while driving.

This scenic drive is one of the most popular areas in the park as there are many day use areas along the parkway. Stop to discover Western Canada’s first oil well, or explore Cameron Lake. Day use areas and trailhead parking lots fill up quickly on weekends and holidays, so plan to arrive early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Check out the new visitor centre

Waterton Lakes National Park’s visitor centre is located at 404 Cameron Falls Drive.

Stop in at the new visitor centre! It is a perfect place to take a photo with Parka, find help choosing a trail and learn more about the park. Attend an interpretive program to learn more about the programs Parks Canada is involved in to preserve this incredible place. Stroll over today to start your adventure.

Discover the Peace Park Plaza

The lakeside view is beautiful at the Peace Park Plaza

The Peace Park Plaza celebrates Waterton Lakes and Glacier national parks' designation as the world's first International Peace Park. The world heritage site represents peace and goodwill between nations, and promotes the cooperation required to protect the wildlife and nature that are larger than the parks. Enjoy the monuments, interpretive experiences, and take in the scenery of Upper Waterton Lake from the Red Chairs.

Drive the Bison Paddock loop

Discover the subtle beauty of the rough fescue prairies

This short, scenic route passes through fescue grasslands inside the park's summer paddock. This loop allows you to view bison in their natural grassland habitat as they roam freely in the enclosure.

For your safety, you must remain in your vehicle. Note that bicycles and motorcycles are not permitted.

Sunrise stroll at Maskinonge Lake

Located near the park gate, the Maskinonge is primarily wetland

Are you an early riser? Head to Maskinonge Lake to watch the sunrise. And bring your binoculars! Over 250 species of birds have been identified in Waterton Lakes National Park and they like to camp out in the wetlands of Maskinonge Lake.

Hike Bear's Hump trail

This trail reopened on July 1, 2020, after being severely damaged in the 2017 Kenow wildfire. 

By far the most popular hike in Waterton Lakes National Park. The 2.8 km return trip hike brings you to a bluff partway up Crandell Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the community, Upper Waterton Lake and grassland areas of the park’s eastern boundary. Bring lots of water for this hike, as there is little tree cover on the developed pathway.

Chief Mountain Highway lookout

This popular roadside turnout is also known as Two Flags and the Waterton Valley Viewpoint

See where the mountains meet the prairies. Unwind and watch a magical summer sunset fall beneath the mountains from Waterton Valley viewpoint on the Chief Mountain Highway. This point offers picture perfect views of the Waterton valley, Blakiston valley, Vimy Peak and the adjacent prairies.

Get out on the water

Familiarize yourself with the non-motorized watercraft restrictions implemented in 2024

Home to a string of pristine mountain lakes, Waterton Lakes National Park is a paradise for anyone who enjoys being on, in, or near the water. Cool off with a swim or relax in the sun at Emerald Bay. Before dipping your toes in, check the water temperature (literally - the average temperature of lake waters is normally well below 15°C)!

Rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboard in the townsite to explore a bit further.

New in 2024: Non-motorized watercraft from outside the park are prohibited from entering waterbodies in Waterton Lakes National Park.

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