Volunteer events

Waterton Lakes National Park

Volunteer for one of our special, scheduled activities. Come as a party of one or bring your friends. These events are focused on improving habitats for the plants and wildlife that call this place home.

For more information or to register as a volunteer for any project, phone 403-859-5167 or email wlnp-volunteer@pc.gc.ca indicating the name of the project.

Park entry is free for registered volunteers on the days of your volunteer activities. You are responsible for your own travel, meals, and accommodations while volunteering at Waterton Lakes National Park.

Check out our ongoing opportunities for more ways to get involved.

Burdock control


Late August

Do it for the wildlife! Be a habitat hero by removing burdock plant seeds. Burdock burrs stick to wildlife (and visitors) to spread their seeds. Did you know the seeds of this tall, striking plant inspired the invention of Velcro? This pesky plant can damage habitats and isn’t fun to encounter on the trails.

Good to know: Be prepared for a half-day outside and consider wearing clothing that burrs don’t easily stick to!

  Register to control burdock plants

Butterfly BioBlitz

Mid to late July

Come be a lepidopterist for a day! Join butterfly experts and Parks Canada staff to catch, identify and learn about butterflies. This event is great for the whole family.

Good to know: You will travel in your own vehicle to designated locations in the park. Prepare for a full day outside.

  Register for the Butterfly BioBlitz

Christmas Bird Count

Mid December

Did you know that 92 different bird species have been recorded here in winter? Grab your binoculars and join us!

No experience necessary. If you are a beginner, we will share resources to get you started ahead of time. This is a self-guided activity at select locations in the park. We also record mammal sightings and tracks during this long-running, annual count.

For information on bird watching in Waterton Lakes, visit our bird watching page.

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Knapweed rodeo

Mid to late July

Wrangle up your posse to help us control spotted knapweed. Don’t forget your cowboy hat and sunscreen! This invasive plant species damages ecosystems. A single plant can produce up to 140,000 seeds every year!

Spend a half day pulling weeds with Parks Canada staff. Light refreshments are also provided.

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Parks Day weed pull

Mid July

Give back to Waterton Lakes on Parks Day! Join staff in their efforts to keep spotted knapweed from spreading along Cameron Creek below the waterfall. Stop in for an hour or spend the whole morning – this is a great activity for the entire family.

  Register for the Parks Day weed pull

Salamander habitat hero


Late April or early May

When you drive into the Waterton village, you pass through the land of the long-toed salamander. Volunteer to keep the wildlife crossing tunnels and guardrails free from debris. This infrastructure helps reduce salamander road kills as they travel to and from Linnet Lake. All sorts of wildlife – not only salamanders – will benefit from your help!

Good to know: We will be working on steep slopes and using hand tools.

There may also be a September volunteer project if required.

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Shoreline cleanup

Early May and early September

Don’t let the wind blow litter away! Volunteers and Parks staff team up with divers from Awesome Adventures to scour Waterton's shorelines for trash.

This is a citizen science project: we count and record the types of trash we pick up and send the data to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup national coordinator. The data is also used in the park to track trends and inform operations.

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Spring Bird Count

Late May or early June

Celebrate spring and learn about the birds that are back in the park! Join the growing number of citizen scientists identifying and counting birds. Volunteer for one or both days of the count.

No experience necessary. If you are a beginner, we will share resources to get you started ahead of time. This is a self-guided activity at select locations in the park. We also record mammal sightings and tracks during this event.

The spring bird count in Waterton Lakes National Park supports Alberta's province-wide, annual spring count.

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Spring flower count

Late May

A wonderful opportunity to explore the park and learn about the area’s many plants from an experienced botanist.

We start together as a group on Saturday morning. If you want to volunteer for longer, the supervisor will get you counting at other sites. The data contributes to monitoring climate change as part of this annual, Alberta-wide snapshot.

Good to know: Some previous experience identifying plants is helpful. Don’t forget your flower ID book!

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Wildflower and native grasses seed collection

July and August

Did you know that more than half of flowering plant species recorded in Alberta can be found in Waterton Lakes National Park?

Join Parks Canada staff in collecting native plant seeds. The seeds are grown to seedlings in Montana at Glacier’s state-of-the-art nursery, and then they are returned to help restore disturbed places in the park.

  Register for seed collection

Wildflower and native grass planting

September and October

Volunteer with Parks Canada restoration teams to plant native grasses and flowers throughout the park.

All species are grown in Glacier National Park's nursery from seeds collected by volunteers and staff in Waterton Lakes. This is part of several cooperative projects between the two parks.

Good to know: This activity involves some off-trail travel and repetitive physical movements as you plant.

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