Waterton Lakes National Park

Volunteer projects

Find information on stand-alone volunteer opportunities and also on-going opportunities that directly contribute to research and science

Citizen science

Citizen science with scientists and everyday people in biological inventories, monitoring, and scientific research.

Due to COVID-19 health measures, volunteering is different than in past years - but still as interesting and rewarding!

Make a difference in nature at Waterton Lakes National Park by volunteering. Go behind the scenes, learn something new and make a difference in protecting and presenting the ecological and cultural integrity of this World Heritage Site.

Volunteer opportunities are open to visitors and residents alike. Park entry is free for the day of your volunteer activity.

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Be a citizen scientist

Report what you see through iNaturalist or assist with collecting flowering, wildlife and shoreline litter records for future scientific use and long-term monitoring.

Be a habitat hero

Help control non-native invasive species or maintain the salamander byway system and their habitat.

Be a restoration hero

Plant to restore endangered species or disturbed sites. Help collect native plant seed.

Be a steward

Keeping the Canadian side of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site pristine or help at the native plant demonstration garden.

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