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Waterton Lakes National Park

Stroll along a beach, hike a flowery trail, paddle a canoe, tour Upper Waterton Lake by boat, relish a picnic, learn something new at an exhibit, spot a deer or jay, brave a chilly dip in a mountain lake, or just kick back and relax. There’s lots to do in Waterton Lakes National Park!

Featured activities

Wildlife viewing
Whether you plan to drive the roads, hike the trails, or relax in town, there are many opportunities to observe wildlife in Waterton.
Visitor centre
A trip to Waterton Lakes isn’t complete without a stop at the new Parks Canada Visitor Centre.
Quieter places 
If you prefer quiet, visit one of these spots that may offer some tranquility. Many people find quieter places make the best memories.
Volunteering opportunities give visitors a chance to gain an up-close understanding of the park’s ecosystems.

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