Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is a photographer's paradise. Just about any location in the park offers fantastic opportunities for the photo enthusiast.

Early and late in the day is usually the best time for photography. Please treat the landscape and its inhabitants with respect; stay on established trails to avoid trampling vegetation and always give wildlife plenty of space.

Rules and regulations

Photographers who travel the park in search of good photo opportunities have a special responsibility to wildlife and fellow visitors.

  • Do not surround, crowd or follow an animal.
  • Never put people at risk by posing them with wildlife.
  • Do not stalk or pursue wildlife.
  • Never follow an animal into the bush.
  • Do not try to entice wildlife by feeding or by simulating animal calls (i.e. elk bugling).

Traffic and parking

Use roadside pull-offs and parking areas to help avoid traffic congestion around wildlife.

If you MUST stop on the road:

  • Pull vehicles well onto the shoulder.
  • Avoid stopping along roadways during periods of high traffic volume.
  • Do not stop at or near hill crests, corners or sharp curves and intersections.
  • Do not trample vegetated areas.


All wild animals experience stress when crowded by humans. This is hard on the animal and dangerous. Wildlife behaviour is unpredictable, especially when females are with young and males are defending territory during the mating season.

If you cause an animal to move, you are too close.

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