Winter in Maligne Canyon

Jasper National Park

Whether you’re a winter walker or climber, Maligne Canyon offers beauty and adventure like no other. Frozen waterfalls and surreal ice formations make it a magical place to explore. Local tour companies offer guided walks, or take it up a notch and try ice climbing with a certified mountain guide.

The safest way to visit Maligne canyon is to go with a guide

Several local tour companies offer guided walks. For information contact Tourism Jasper: 780-852-6236 or

Climbers in Maligne Canyon

If you choose to go on your own, you do so at your own risk.

If you go alone, be prepared to be self-sufficient.

  • Make sure you have the right gear and clothing, a helmet and ice cleats are highly recommended
  • Supervise children 
  • Visit a local guide or the park information centre before you go
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return 
  • Bring a headlamp - you never know when you might be delayed 
  • Travel at night is not advised

Hazards in the canyon

  • Surfaces are slippery and uneven
  • Thin ice and/or breakable shelf ice may give way unexpectedly
  • Below the ice, the river is cold, deep and fast-moving
  • Rock and ice fall.
  • Watch for ice climbers and ask permission to pass if you are walking below
  • There are limited ways to exit the canyon, making escape difficult

Hazards on the trail

  • The steep snow covered trail can be icy and slippery, wear proper winter footwear.
  • Due to the trail's proximity to the edge of the canyon, a fall here could mean a fall into the canyon.  Assess the trail conditions before you set out

Ice climbers

Maligne canyon is a multi-use area. There is the possible danger of falling ice from ice climbers. If a group is ice climbing, please wait for further instruction from the group.

Climbers: This is a multi-use area. Please work together so users can pass.

In case of an emergency call 911

Cell phone coverage in Maligne Canyon is not reliable.

Phone locations:

  • Maligne Canyon - main parking lot
  • Maligne Canyon Hostel

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