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Chambly Canal National Historic Site

You can walk, bike, navigate or snowshoe the 19 km of the former towpath and enjoy the charm of the canal, which has seen more than a century of history.

Although the canal’s path is accessible at all times, it is maintained from April 15 to November 15 only.

A cyclist with a white bike
Though unpaved, the path is separated from car traffic along 16 of its 20 kilometres.

Bike path network

The Chambly Canal path is part of the Trans Canada Trail and Route verte No. 1. It makes reaching Route verte No. 2 possible from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

You can do a 110 km loop along the Montérégiade, the Route des Champs and the Chambly Canal cycle paths. This network is part of the province-wide Route Verte 1 and the Trans Canada Trail.

Visit the Canal de Chambly path section for more information.

Picnic areas

The green wide-open spaces represent inviting locations for charming picnics with family and friends. On site, you will find picnic tables, parking spaces, public telephones, restrooms, and fountains.

Please note:

  • Picnic areas are not equipped with shelters
  • Fires and barbecues are prohibited
  • Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash at all times, do not bother other users, and any trace of their passing is promptly removed

A kid in nature looking in binocular
The Chambly Canal is an oasis to enjoy and discover.

Bird watching

Bring your binoculars! Its proximity to the Richelieu River makes it possible to, among other things, observe migratory birds as they embark on their spring and fall journeys.

Parc des Ateliers

Located upstream from Lock No. 3, the Parc des Ateliers is an exceptional green space perfect for meeting family and friends for a picnic. This vast stretch of grass near downtown Chambly is ideal for flying kites or playing a game of Frisbee.

Because of its geographical location and scope, the Parc des Ateliers is great for holding events.


To the left : green space with pic-nic table. Right : postlamp and the canal
Place des Barges

La Place des Barges

The all-new Place des Barges is ready to welcome visitors on its shores as well as boaters that wish to moor their boats there and take advantage of the electric power hookup service provided with the addition of five electric power hookups.




Lock No. 9 Park

Located in Vieux-Saint-Jean, Lock No. 9 Park is the ideal place to relax near boutiques and restaurants. Picnic tables, restrooms, a water source, and WiFi Internet access are offered to enhance your visit.

Environmental protection

Environmental management policy

As part of its mandate, Parks Canada is committed to managing its operations in a way that ensures the ecological and commemorative integrity of Canada’s National Parks. Hence, Parks Canada greatly contributes to the federal government’s sustainable development strategy.

If you witness a troubling incident in this respect, please contact us.

Environmental Partner

If, like us, the preservation of the Chambly Canal, its biodiversity, and its environment are important to you, we invite you to send your projects to us via e-mail:

For greater involvement:

Comité de concertation et de valorisation du bassin de la rivière Richelieu (COVABAR)

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