Winter activities at the Chambly Canal

Chambly Canal National Historic Site

This winter, discover the Chambly Canal and come enjoy the great outdoors! Parks Canada is proud to offer, in collaboration with its partners, a variety of winter activities that will appeal to young and old alike and winter sports enthusiasts. Come admire the pure whiteness of the landscape to experience a bit of magic!

Parks Canada would like to remind users of the importance of staying on the path and at all times avoid approaching footbridges and locks; there is a real risk of falling.

Winter activities

  • Smiling children, one of them forming a heart with his hands during the winter.

    Learn-to Winter 

    Parks Canada Learn-to Outdoor Team welcomes children from 4 to 12 years old to the parc des Ateliers for a free introduction to cross-country skiing.

  • Winter Trail  

    Come and enjoy the 20-km winter trail of the Chambly Canal. Fun times and rosy cheeks guaranteed!

  • Skating rink on the Chambly Canal

    On the Chambly Canal, a 400-meters stretch of ice is prepared between the Bourgogne Avenue bridge and lock No. 4.

  • Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

    From November 15 to April 15, enjoy snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in an enchanting landscape.

  • Fun Zone at Parc des Ateliers

    From January 12 to March 12, 2024, come and enjoy the pleasures of winter at Parc des Atelier!

Visitor safety during winter at the Chambly Canal

In order for everyone to enjoy the site safely, Parks Canada would like to remind the public that:

  • Out of respect for the environment, as well as for safety reasons, off-road vehicle users must avoid driving a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle on the ice, path or banks of the Chambly Canal, and are asked to remain on the marked trails reserved for this purpose.
  • People must refrain from cutting and collecting wood, including dead wood, along the Chambly Canal. Dead wood left on the ground plays an important role in a forest’s life cycle by providing the soil with rich essential nutrients as the wood decomposes.
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