Mud Creek Trail

Prince Albert National Park

Passage through Time and Space
Mud Creek Trail is a path through transition, from lake to river and spruce to aspen. Glimpses of King Island and Mud Creek wink through the trees.

First Peoples camping, bears fishing, pike spawning, beavers building, floatplanes landing, Boy Scouts rallying, tourists shopping... all of these activities took place at different points in time and all here at Mud Creek! Walk the passage through changing communities, then and now.

Length: 2 km loop
Time: 45 to 60 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Level of Difficulty:  Easy Easy

Significant Features: This lakeside trail turns upstream to follow Mud Creek through an aspen forest. In the spring, spawning fish attract black bears to the area.

Trailhead: 4.5 km down the Narrows Road, access at South Bay Day-use area.

GPS Co-ordinates for Trailhead (in decimal degrees):
Lat.: 53.89969156 Long.: -106.15693873

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