Nahanni National Park Reserve (Nahʔą Dehé) is a UNESCO world heritage site globally renowned for its geologic landforms. An incomparable northern wilderness, Nahʔą Dehé harbours sheer granite spires, vast alpine plateaux and at its heart the South Nahanni, a Canadian Heritage River. This great-spirit water thunders at Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls) and meanders through the deepest canyons in Canada. Natural labyrinths of Nahanni Karst are among the most spectacular examples of this landform type known to humankind. Mineral spring cauldrons of Gahnįhthah form the largest tufa mounds in Canada. Gahnįhthah is a sacred site - home to the horizon walker Yamba Deja, who created Dene law. Far greater than the sum of its landforms, Nahanni is a cultural landscape. It is a place of deep and timeless significance. Visitors are welcomed to the land by the Dehcho First Nations, whose ancestors have called Nahʔą Dehé home for untold centuries. Climbers, hikers, paddlers and visitors of all kinds find personal inspiration and connection to this rugged land and its people. Nahanni is a Dehcho First Nations gift to Canada, and Canada’s gift to the world.

Nahanni Essence of Tourism Destination
NNPR Nahʔą Dehé
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