Nahanni National Park Reserve

Summary of Pertinent National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations

This is a consolidation of the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations that are pertinent to Nahanni National Park Reserve and is to be used as a reference only. For a complete list of the Regulations please contact the park office.

Park visitors wishing to sport fish in Nahanni National Park Reserve must be in possession of a valid Nahanni National Park Reserve Fishing Permit, and they must fish in accordance with the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations. An annual fishing permit can be purchased at the park office prior to your trip commencing. This permit is only valid for Nahanni. Fishing is permitted during all seasons and in all waters of Nahanni National Park Reserve. Daily catch and possession limits:

  • Arctic grayling 2
  • Lake trout 3
  • Northern pike 5
  • Whitefish 5

• Aggregate daily catch and possession limit is 5 fish in total.
• No person shall fish in any park waters unless that person is the holder of a valid Nahanni National Park Reserve Fishing Permit.
• Every person shall, when fishing, carry on their person any fishing permit issued to them and shall on request by the Park Superintendent or a Park Warden, produce the permit for examination.
• No person shall fish in park waters by any other method than angling.
• No person shall when fishing in park waters use:
a) More than one fishing line;
b) A fishing line having more than one artificial fly or other type of bait;
c) A fishing line having an artificial fly to which is attached any live or dead natural bait;
d) A fishing line having combination of hooks capable of catching more than one fish at a time;
e) A fishing line having more than one lure;
f) A lure having more than two single hooks, two gang hooks, one single hook and one gang hook, or
g) A gang hook having more than three hooks
h) A lead sinker or lead jig that weighs less then 50g; or
i) A hook from which the barbs have not been removed unless the barbs have been pinched to the shaft of the hook
• No person shall, when angling leave a fishing line unattended.
• No person shall use or have in possession for use as bait live or dead fish or any part thereof.
• No person who has caught in park waters, a fish suitable for human consumption shall allow it to spoil or otherwise be wasted.

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