The canyons and cascades found in Nahanni’s wild rivers are famous for combining challenging whiter water with cultural experience. A popular trip option begins from Gahnįhthah Mįe (Rabbitkettle Lake). A longer trek commences at Island Lake or even inside Nááts’įhch’oh National Park Reserve at Moose Ponds, the headwaters of the South Nahanni River.

A Nahʔą Dehé sojourn includes a portage at Náįlįcho, then enters a series of Class II and III (depending on water levels) rapids. Canyon Rapids provides the opening salvo, followed by the Figure Eight Rapid at Hell’s Gate, Wrigley Whirlpool, George’s Riffle and finally, Lafferty’s Riffle.

A Nahʔą Dehé excursion offers opportunities for short day hikes along the way. At Náįlįcho and Gahnįhthah Mįe visitors share experiences with park interpreters during campfire programs and guided walks. A white water expedition here saturates the senses with natural, cultural and recreational experiences.

Experience Date: June-September, though visitors should always monitor the specific season’s water levels and weather forecast.

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