Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Kids voted biking as their “favourite thing to do in Kejimkujik”! Biking is a great way for all age groups to explore Kejimkujik!

Bring your own bikes and helmets.

Bridge at Jakes Landing

The Jakes Landing floating bridge will be in place in July 2024, providing trail connection between Jeremy’s Bay Campground and Jakes Landing to Merrymakedge and beyond.

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Frontcountry trails

Trail map

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Trail Activity Difficulty Distance Type
1 Mill Falls Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 2 km (return) Linear
2 Beech Grove Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Moderate 2.2 km  Loop
3 Flowing Waters Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 1 km Loop
9 Peter Point Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 1.9 km (one way) Linear
10 Mersey River Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 3.3 km (one way) Linear
11a Slapfoot Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 3.7 km (one way) Linear
12 Merrymakedge Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Easy 2.7 km (one way) Linear
13 Ukme'k Randonnée pédestre Biciclettes Moderate 6.3 km (one way) Linear

Trail descriptions

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#1 Mill Falls

This is a shared-use trail so please watch for hikers.

Start behind the Visitor Centre and walk downstream along the bank of the Mersey River.

Observe the sheer power of Mill Falls in the spring from the viewing area by the picnic shelter or stop in the summer for a cool spot to picnic.

Continue to the end of the trail to enjoy the quieter places in the river.

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#2 Beech Grove

This is a shared-use trail so please watch for hikers.

Drumlins are steep on one side and gently sloping on the other.

The top of this drumlin is clothed in beeches, bright green and full of warblers in the spring, soft brown and loaded with beechnuts in the fall.

#3 Flowing Waters

This is a shared-use trail so please watch for hikers.

Listen to the Mersey River gurgling and splashing as you wander through a wetland and along a riverbank. Gateway to Ukme’k (#12).

#9 Peter Point

This is a shared-use trail so please watch for hikers.

Birds love this area for its variety of habitats: red and sugar maple and hemlock.

People love this area for its secluded sandy point.

#10 Mersey River

This is a shared-use trail so please watch for hikers.

Follow the river’s edge to see the Mersey in all its different moods.

From the trail’s parking and picnic area, head along the river, up into the darker woods, and back to quiet, still Mersey pools.

Listen to the swish of the lush grasses as you pass through. 

#11 Slapfoot

This is a busy shared-use trail so please watch for other trail users.

Access Slapfoot Trail from Meadow Beach, various points in Jeremy’s Bay campground, Jim Charles Point, Jake’s Landing, or Merrymakedge.

Skirt the forested shoreline of Kejimkujik Lake, joining either the Mersey River trail or continuing on to Jake’s Landing.

The views of the lakeshore change with the season and the weather. Every turn brings something new.

The Slapfoot Trail continues at the far end of the Jake's Landing parking lot, climbing steeply through scattered granite boulders. This is a good place to watch for Pileated Woodpeckers.

Enveloped in trees, you’ll pass the viewing tower on your way to the picnic area and shelter at Merrymakedge P1. From here the trail follows the lakeshore, flat and easy, to the canteen and the beach at Merrymakedge P4.

#12 Merrymakedge

Adventure awaits at Merrymakedge: Visit the encampment site, have a dip at the beach, and treat yourself at Lakeview Café & Eatery.

#13 Ukme’k

Our newest trail will have you twisting and turning with the Mersey River as you weave your way through the landscape by foot or by bike. 

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Backcountry trails

Map of backcountry trail system

There is one portion of the backcountry trail system that is open to bicycles. You can ride in the southern part of the park, following the Peskowesk road as far as site 41 at Lucifee Brook. There is parking at the Eel Weir.

Biking is not permitted on other backcountry trails.

Be aware that the Fire Tower Road is closed until further notice.

No biking at Kejimkujik Seaside

The trails at the Seaside are for hiking only.

Biking Rules

  • Stay on the gravel bike trails.
  • In Nova Scotia, cyclists must wear a bicycle helmet. It’s the law.
  • Maintain a safe speed.
  • Give hikers the right of way.
  • Pay attention in the campground where there is a lot of traffic.
  • Be aware that you are quick and quiet on a bike and could easily startle wild animals.

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