Come and find your perfect picnic spot at Kejimkujik and Kejimkujik Seaside in any season!


Treat yourself to a Parks Canada Perfect Picnic, rent a camp stove from Whynot Adventure, The Keji Outfitters, or visit the Lakeview Café & Eatery when these experiences are in season.

Picnic shelters and woodstoves

Some picnic shelters and woodstoves are available year-round.

  • Kedge Beach picnic shelter (open Victoria Day weekend to October 31)
  • Mill Falls (open for day-use year-round)
  • Merrymakedge (P1)
  • Kejimkujik Seaside (open for day-use year-round)

There is no electricity in the picnic shelters.

More information about picnic shelters


Please stop at the Mill Falls shelter to purchase firewood. Firewood for the woodstoves is available only at the Mill Falls shelter by donation to the Friends of Keji.

Please bring what you need to start a fire: matches, paper, and an axe or hatchet to make kindling.

It is illegal to gather wood, kindling, bark, or other materials from the forest.

More information: Visitor guidelines

Please do not bring firewood or kindling. Bringing in firewood or kindling from outside of Kejimkujik is prohibited, to contain the spread of invasive pests.

More information: The changing forest of Jeremy’s Bay Campground

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