Backcountry camping

Fundy National Park

Operational dates: May 17 to November 3

Check in: May to October: Fundy National Park Visitor Reception Centre

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Backcountry with bats

 Help us collect data on Fundy's bat population!

As a backcountry traveller, you will be able to visit natural wonders seen by only a small percentage of visitors.

For a challenging way to enjoy Fundy National Park’s beauty, try camping at one of the 8 backcountry campsites located at Goose River, Marven Lake, Foster Brook, Tracey Lake or Chambers Lake.

Camping offer

  • Each designated campsite provides a tent pad, a pit privy, a fire pit and a picnic table
  • It is recommended that you carry in drinking water
  • Backpacking cook stoves are necessary for food preparation
  • Never leave garbage in the backcountry - plastic bags are provided upon request
  • Firewood is available at every campsite.

Planning your trip

  • Due to a limited number of backcountry sites, it is recommended to reserve prior to arrival. Payment will be requested upon reservation. To reserve your backcountry site, please call 1-877-737-3783 or reserve online at
  • Each campsite is restricted to a group of four persons.

Before starting your hike

  • For safety reasons, all backcountry campers must register with Park staff at a Visitor Reception Centre before proceeding to a site.
  • Click here for the Visitor Reception Centre operating hours.
  • You must set up camp only at the campsite for which you are registered.
  • Please obtain a map of the Park. This map is available at the Visitor Reception Centres.

Campfires are not permitted everywhere in the backcountry

  • Fires are only permitted in Parks Canada-designated fireplaces.

Preserve the natural beauty of this area.

  • Set up tents only on designated tent pads.
  • Please do not strip the bark or boughs from trees.
  • Please dispose of waste water in the pit privies.

Pack in-Pack out

  • Pack out all garbage.
  • Please dispose of garbage in the clear and blue bags provided at registration.
  • Please do not dispose of garbage in pit privies. Garbage containers are located at all trail heads.

Checking Out

  • For your personal safety, it is incumbent that we know that you have safely completed your journey.
  • Prior to leaving the Park, please drop off your camping permit at the Visitor Reception Centre.
  • If this is not possible, you must notify us by phone at 1-506-887 6000 and speak to a staff member or leave a message, if after hours. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain and preserve Fundy National Park.

Enjoy your trip!

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