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Mount Revelstoke National Park

Gather your family and circle a trunk of the ancient trees in the world’s only inland cedar rainforest. Alongside the valley trails, skunk cabbage plants tower over children. Take the Meadows in the Sky Parkway and stand on a mountain summit. The subalpine meadows at the peak explode into colour every August as the wildflower season reaches its apex in Mount Revelstoke.

Land of the Giants

If you only have an hour

If you only visit for an hour, there are great opportunities to take a break from driving and experience the scenery beyond the edge of the highway.

Take the 30 minute round-trip drive up to Monashee Viewpoint on the Meadows in the Sky Parkway for a panoramic view of Revelstoke, the Columbia Valley and the backdrop of the majestic Monashee Mountains. Along Major Rogers’ Route (the Trans-Canada Highway), stroll the 20 minute Giant Cedars Boardwalk through a stand of ancient rainforest trees.

Balsam Lake 
Balsam lake, at the summit of Mount Revelstoke

If you only have a day

If you only have one day, you can still see a lot of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier national parks. Here’s a day-long itinerary that lets you experience the stories behind the scenery.

Rogers Pass Discovery Centre in Glacier (allow 45 minutes)

An essential place to start or end your day – exhibits, theatre programs and friendly staff. 

Slide Path Picnic Area in Glacier (allow 15 minutes)

Ever wondered what it feels like at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? The view at Slide Path stretches 1500 metres (5000 ft), from the valley floor up to the very gates of the Selkirk Mountains.

Glacier House in Glacier (allow 40 minutes)

It’s easy to imagine the adventures that began here at this Victorian-era mountain resort hotel as you wander among the stone ruins.

Hemlock Grove Boardwalk in Glacier (allow 20 minutes)

Built to honour Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion world tour 25 years ago, this is the most barrier-free trail in Glacier and Mount Revelstoke.

Giant Cedars and Skunk Cabbage Boardwalks in Mount Revelstoke (allow an hour for both)

Gather your family and circle the trunk of an ancient tree at Giant Cedars. Skunk cabbage plants tower over children, and devil’s club plants guard the sides of these boardwalk trails.

Meadows in the Sky Parkway in Mount Revelstoke (allow three hours)

Almost 2000 metres (6000 ft) above the Columbia River, you can stroll through the subalpine meadows that explode into colour every August. This is the only place in Canada’s national park system that you can summit a mountain just a short walk from a vehicle. (While the lower parkway is open from late May until October, the Summit Area is open from July to September)

If you only have a long weekend...
Eva Lake, Mount Revelstoke National Park
Eva Lake, Mount Revelstoke National Park / ©Parks Canada - Jeff Bolingbroke

If you have a long weekend, you can explore our unique nature on historic walking and hiking routes while enjoying an overnight stay in the parks or our neighbouring communities. 

Eva and Miller Lakes in Mount Revelstoke (allow seven hours round-trip – or overnight camping)

After a scenic drive up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway, Miller and Eva Lakes are a 6 km walk through rolling subalpine wildflower meadows. There is a backcountry campground at Eva Lake.

Illecillewaet, Loop Brook and Mount Sir Donald Campgrounds in Glacier (overnight camping)

Glacier National Park’s wilderness-oriented, rustic overnight experience is one of the few places in Canada offering camping in a national historic site. In July and August, Parks Canada staff share the natural and cultural history of Rogers Pass on interpretive strolls through Glacier House and evening campfire talks at Illecillewaet and Loop Brook.

Asulkan Trail in Glacier (allow seven hours round-trip – or an overnight stay in a backcountry cabin)

Known for its stunning mountain scenery and views of waterfalls and glaciers, this trail is suitable for new and experienced hikers. You can choose to complete the first few kilometres of valley bottom trail for a hike with minimal elevation – or follow the entire 13 km (roundtrip) trail to the Asulkan Cabin, available for overnight stays (reserve your space through the Alpine Club of Canada).

Balu Pass in Glacier (allow five hours round-trip)

A 10 km (roundtrip) hike that leads through forest and alpine meadows to spectacular views of glaciers and icefields.

Avalanche Crest in Glacier (allow six hours round-trip)

On this 4 km hike, you’ll experience Major A. B. Rogers’ 1881 first view of what would become Rogers Pass – the first route through the Selkirk Mountains. A year later, he struggled up into the pass again from the east side and proved that he had found a route through the “impenetrable” Selkirks.

Theme itineraries

The Amazing Forests experience
Photo : L Barnes

Whether you opt for a 20-minute marshland stroll or a longer forest walk, Mount Revelstoke National Park offers an unparalleled, family-friendly introduction to western Canada’s wilderness, including a portion of the world’s only inland cedar rainforest.

Introduce yourself to old-growth giants with a self-guided tour along the half-kilometre Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail, where exhibits along the way point out details of this fascinating ecosystem.

The 1.2-kilometre Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk Trail leads you over a swamp inhabited by muskrat and beaver, where youngsters will be dwarfed by the giant cabbage’s leaves. When its aromatic yellow flowers bloom in May, you’ll have no doubt about the origins of the skunk cabbage’s name.

Before driving the 26-kilometre Meadows in the Sky Parkway, pause at the first switchback for a soothing walk along the aptly named Inspiration Woods Trail. Here black and light-green lichens hang from hemlock, cedar and Douglas fir, while rich carpets of moss and ferns remind you that this is a lush rainforest.

Celebrate the Summit experience

Mount Revelstoke National Park brings a towering mountain peak within reach of experienced hikers and casual visitors alike - and offers plenty of opportunity to celebrate the summit experience.

Sports enthusiasts can hike the 10-kilometre Summit Trail or ride the annual 26-kilometre bike race up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway.

The rest of us can access the summit with a leisurely drive climbing almost 2000 metres up twenty scenic switchbacks, with plenty of trails, picnic areas and photo opportunities along the way.

By day, the summit offers stunning vistas of alpine peaks and meadows bursting with brilliant wildflowers. Come evening, radiant sunsets, stars and on occasion even meteor showers are on vivid display.

Stretch your legs at the summit with a stroll through history. The Koo Koo Sint Trail celebrates the expeditions of explorer David Thompson, while the First Footsteps Trail takes visitors on a 750-metre loop through subalpine meadows enhanced with original First Nations artwork.

Outdoor yoga workshops, trail runs and works from artists in residence round out the celebrations at the summit.

Flying Without Wings experience

Relive the era when ski jumping attracted crowds of spectators to Revelstoke. Imagine ski-jumping pioneers Nels Nelsen, Bob Lynburne and Isabelle Coursier soaring high above the cheering throngs.

The Nels Nelsen Ski Jump was last used 40 years ago, but visitors can still stand atop the hill, ground dropping precipitously below. It’s easy to imagine the pounding heart and the stomach butterflies as Nelsen and other competitors prepared to launch themselves into flight.

Today, this historic area is also an attractive destination for mountain bikers. It’s home to a unique children's interpretive bike playscape, and nearby single-track trails are tailor-made for more experienced riders. At day’s end, a hot meal and cold drink in Revelstoke’s cafes are just a short downhill ride away.

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