Camping and accommodation

Mount Revelstoke National Park

Experience camping in British Columbia’s inland temperate rainforest—the only one of its kind in the world! Amidst a stunning forest backdrop, campers find themselves just a few steps away from awe-inspiring mountain vistas.

 Camping Reservations

Reservations for the 2024 season will launch on January 19, 2024 at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Campsite reservations are accepted at Snowforest Campground and at Eva Lake and Jade Lakes backcountry campgrounds.

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Campgrounds in Mount Revelstoke National Park

What to bring

Be prepared for your camping trip. Our camping checklist provides you with a list of essential items.


Campers must have the following permits:

  • National park pass or Discovery Pass - Available at the entry gate, visitor centres, staffed campground kiosks or online.
  • Camping permit - Available online, over the phone (1-877-RESERVE) or at the campground kiosk. Upon arrival, check-in at the campground kiosk.
  • Fire permit - Permits are available as part of your online reservation or at a campground kiosk.

To keep pets and wildlife safe, your pets must be leashed at all times and not left unattended. Remember to pick up after your pets and dispose of waste in a garbage bin and ensure all pet food is stored in your vehicle or a bear-proof locker.


A national park fishing permit is required. Permits are available at Parks Canada visitor centres. Learn about special rules related to fishing in a national park.

Keep a clean campsite. Protect wildlife

When not being consumed or used, all food, pet food, toiletries and scented items that may attract wildlife must be kept in your vehicle or hard-sided trailer or, kept in bear-proof food lockers. Coolers are not bear-proof. Never leave food unattended. The minute it takes wildlife to get into your food can cost them their life. Learn more about what you can do to ensure your safety, and to help keep the wildlife in our national parks alive and wild.

Food and attractants will be removed by park staff if left unattended. Keep your campsite clean to reduce the risks to your personal safety and to wildlife.

Failure to comply: Parks Canada staff are here to help and may enter your site to remind you of these regulations. Campers who fail to comply with keeping a clean site and other regulations may have their camping permit revoked without a refund. Campers may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act and National Parks Campground Regulations, be required to appear in court, and could pay fines up to $25,000. The permit holder is responsible for ensuring their campsite is maintained in a satisfactory condition.

Accommodation outside Mount Revelstoke National Park

There are many accommodation options outside of the park in and around the communities of Golden and Revelstoke.



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